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Ishq Zahe Naseeb 18 Times Story Review – Unique Script

Start thinking – unique script performs well:

Well, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb wasn't covered much, but it is. It was one of the most important revelations about credits. This was something no one saw. A prop for Hashim Nadeem that came up with scripts and stories, such as Ishq Zahe Naseeb, with numerous mysteries that slowly uncover, as well as dealing with the subjects of various personality disorders. The director obviously did the right kind of treatment and did not overwhelm the whole story with Sameer's divided character, kept it very subtle and showed how it differs from other ordinary people. Comes with a small secret. However, one thing that's a bit strange about the personality of Sameer is that while the other person is only displayed at certain times, people with multiple personality disorders are clearly scheduled and therefore not systematically controlled. In any case, the drama has been very interesting so far and is tempting even after so many episodes.

Great public:

Gauhar & Kashif may not have contacted each other, but they are not disconnected. Casif accepted only Dunia because b-bar wanted, but still loves Gauhar, but this is what she does not know. Gauhar could not forget Kashif, so news of her relationship with Dunia is disturbing her. The way they showed convincingly described that Gohar could not concentrate on anything at the moment of his discovery.

Sameer is very used to Gauhar and is not approved by Sabeeha. The flashback saw a desire in Sameer that Sabeeha believed would help Zoer overcome his problems and showed that this is clearly what she does not want. Sabeeha has no reason to oppose Gauhar, but it has been going on since Sameer chose to be emotionally dependent and stuck to Gauhar. Sabeeha used Gaure as ruler, but no longer. This is why she decided to insult Gauhar in front of everyone. Whatever Saheeba did, she showed anxiety, cowardice, and helplessness, and found it insufficient to compete with Gauhar. Sameer continues to give Gauhar a lot of importance, completely disregarding Sabeeha's feelings, which dominates her further. Sabeeha is a weak woman, she has controlled everything for many years because things are going according to her plan.Sameer didn't ask her and she controlled him like stooge, but no more. The reason is why She was embarrassed. In this whole scenario, it's very interesting to get Sabeeha to think that Sameer has a specific problem, while completely forgetting his problem. To date, Sameer has not been able to conduct a reality check on obsessions and controlling behavior.

This was the first time since Bush's marriage that she has gained insight into how her husband is related to the law. Bushra's husband Kamran is a typical dominant and dominant husband, the mother of the law accepted her as the daughter of the law, but she does not believe in her qualifications or freedom. Bushra is trapped in this relationship but has not filed much complaints, admitting that this will be the situation. Salem and Zakia continue to torture Kohar and she keeps answering them. This episode has a lot of filler scenes, as the confrontation between Gauhar & Saleem, the scene where Jahangir's mother and friend talk to her father about Jahangir, is a recurring scenario in the past. them. Jahangir was finally captured by the police. Now his father needs to pay to save him. But I would say that Jahangir's father scene is very interesting. The way he concentrates on counting money or eating food is strangely fun!

So Gauhar discovered one of the greatest secrets of Sameer's life. I wonder why Butler Akbar had a mysterious atmosphere for him. He was obviously hiding this huge secret for many years. Surraiya was Akbar's sister and this was something no one saw. I want to know the details Akbar needs to share with Gauhar. Because she doesn't find every detail and just leave it alone. Akbar should evaluate the fact that Gauahr is reliable and most interested in Sameer. Gauhar would never have imagined that even a million years she would finally get all the details coming from an insider who spent several years in Sameer's house. I hope they will have a conversation soon. This should be one of the best tweaks in the story.

Closing thoughts – noisy and noisy:

Overall, this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb performed wonderfully despite many filler scenes and is still interesting. I'm grateful that they switched to the instrument's background music, but it's still noisy and noisy. I was reminded of the old drama Doraha I saw two months ago and couldn't stop to thank how much background score I had. Nowadays, editors want to stop because the sound effects and overall sound of the drama are enough to literally make a person a headache. I started watching this episode at a sound level of 20, but by the end of the episode I reduced it to 12 without a joke. Yes, I was waiting for the music to end because it was unbearable. They must calm it down. Every actor is doing a great job as usual. Primary lead or secondary actor. Authors and directors have earned points for bringing dramas such as Ishq Zahe Naseeb to the TV screen. Please send us your comments about Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode.

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