Iran probes ‘cowardly attack’ on oil tanker off Saudi coast

Tehran-Iran will respond proportionally to recent attacks on tankers in the Red Sea, but first it will investigate who is behind the incident, a government spokesman said.

Iranian media said Friday that an explosion of 60 miles from Saudi Arabian port city, Jeddah, caused the country's oil company's tanker to strike a terrorist attack. Iran's Foreign Ministry said the tanker was later attacked twice every 30 minutes in the Red Sea and was damaged.

Ali Rabiei said, “Of course, we will respond proportionally to those who have planned cowardly attacks, but we will wait until all the details of this evil plan are clear.

Ali Shamkhani, the head of the chief national security committee, also said that the attack would not proceed without any reaction. According to him, Tehran created a special committee to study the situation of the case.

At the same time, oil spills by oil tankers were reportedly stopped, according to Iran's Mehr news agency.

The Red Sea is the main global shipping route for oil and other trade that connects the Indian and Mediterranean through the Suez Canal.

A short run at news that oil prices were accused.

Pakistan afternoon Imran Khan leaves for Iran on Sunday

The incident is the latest in relation to tankers in the Red Sea and the Gulf region, and it can relieve tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, a long-time local enemy waging a surrogate war in Yemen, located at the southern end of the Red Sea.

The United States, which has been in dispute over Iran with its nuclear program, blames Iran for attacks on tankers in May and June and on Saudi oil sites in September. Tehran refused any of them. Washington also announced that it would deploy thousands more troops to strengthen its defense in Saudi Arabia.

In a statement Friday, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said it approved the deployment of additional units, including fighters, in response to potential threats in the area.– Agency

Iran first appeared in Daily Pakistan Global after investigating a "cowardly attack" on Saudi tankers.


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