Imrul Kayes, Jahurul Islam, Taijul Islam star in NCL’s opening round

Defensive champion Rajshahi Division finished each 3.5 points with the Dhaka Division in the opening round of the 2019-20 National Cricket League. The four games of Fatullah, Khulna, Rajshahi and Dhaka were all stopped in the rain, but the Barisal Division did not stop the Barisal Division, which defeated 13 innings and the Sylhet Division in its first inning in four years.

The best batter

Imrul Kayes celebrates his second two centuries in a match against the Rangpur Division at the home of the Khulna Division. ImRul beats 202 balls out of 319 balls that spent more than six and a half hours in folds He hit 19 4-6 6 on his side plus 450.

Taibur Rahman of the Dhaka Division scored 88 points for Rajshahi. Taibur got little support in the first inning, but in the second inning, along with Raqibul Hasan, he added 65 points to the fourth turnstile, earning 65 points.

Jahurul Islamic Captain scored 64 points in his first innings by beating Rajshahi's bat, but scored 40 points without breaking in 4 hours and 30 minutes. The last day did not suffer a collapse, agreeing to draw with Dhaka. Yahoo rules have been more than five hours in the first 64 innings.

Elsewhere, there were Tasamul Haque, who created the 50s of Capricorn Shahriar Nafees of Barisal and Captain Fazle Mahmud and the 50s of Twins of Chittagong Division. Pinak Ghosh and Masum Khan have been around for half a century, including Shamsur Rahman, Mahmudullah, Zabid Hossain and No. The same was true of 10 Shahidul Islam.

Best bowler

24 six-year-old Silhet of Kamrul Islam bowled only 86 times in his first innings. This is Kamrul's second 5-wicket haul in first-class crickets and is the first in seven years. Another face bowler, Sumon Khan, gave Dhaka a five-time Rarajshahi and five. Taijul Islam ended with 9 of 196, including 5 guns in 2 innings.

Dhaka Metro's Arafat Sunny won 87 of 6 in a match against Chittagong, and their debut leg spinner Minhajul Abedin Afridi ended in 3's with 103 over 30 in Chittagong's.

Meanwhile, an experienced left arm spinner, Abdur Razzak, moved 81 players to 485 first-class turnstiles in four matches against Langpur.

Best match

The roar that began in Baris after crushing the shillets in two and a half days will be a real encouragement to Bangladesh's first-class cricket supporters. The game was shortened to three days after the rain washed the first day in Rajshahi, but Kamrul's six wit grabbed the silette at 43.1 over. 132 times

Barisal was wisely hit to push the 4th day result by declaring 8 to 231 in a 58.3 overover.


Khulna gained an initial lead with a score of 4.01 in Tier 1, but Barisal's 9.5 for Sylhet, which made him a tier 2 pole.

Ball player

The tour of India next month begins and the untrusted Bangladesh test side will open and selectors will see Jahurul's game clicks. Batman has wrinkled for more than 10 hours in his first game of the season. Afridi's first-class debut should also be encouraging.


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