IHC issues notice to FO over attestation of judge’s papers – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court on Tuesday issued notices to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others about a petition requesting the issuance of a directive to the High Commission of Pakistan in the United Kingdom for the certification of documents related to alleged confessions of a former judge of the court of responsibility.

Upon hearing the petition presented by Nasir Butt, the main character in the judge's video scandal, the president of the court, Athar Minallah, noted that the petitioner could not claim equal rights since "he is avoiding legal proceedings."

The bank said that if the petitioner intended to testify in court, he would be sure of protection in Pakistan.

Butt has filed the petition against the first secretary and the Pakistani high commissioner in the United Kingdom, as well as against the secretary of Foreign Affairs for not attesting to the documents related to the alleged confessions of former accountability judge Mohammad Arshad Malik of who had condemned former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif under duress.

The petitioner argued that despite repeated visits to the High Commission of Pakistan, the relevant officials, especially First Secretary Didar Ali Abro, did not attest to the documentary evidence he had already submitted to the IHC.

On October 5, Mr. Butt presented to the IHC notarized copies of the transcript of the audio recording of his conversation with Judge Malik, the transcript of the video and audio recording of the conversation, affidavit, forensic recordings of recordings of audio and video and a USB containing copies of the original audio and video and audio recordings of the conversation.

Nasir Bhutta, Mr. Butt's lawyer, argued before the court that, in deciding a set of petitions on the case of the judge's video scandal, the president of the court of justice of Pakistan, Asif Saeed Khan Khosa, had observed that the Judge Malik's conduct had caused all honesty and toughness. Worker judges dedicated to "bowing their heads in shame."

The lawyer said that despite such observations of the president of the court, the judge was enjoying all the benefits and receiving undue importance.

The director general of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on a complaint from Judge Malik has transferred the investigation of the video scandal of the cybercrime wing to the anti-terrorism wing.

After the "harmful" revelation of his video, the judge presented a first informative report (FIR) with the Cyber ​​Crimes Wing in which he nominated Nasir Butt and others as defendants.

Attorney Bhutta argued that the petition did not refer to the recording of testimonies, since Butt had already offered to record his statement through the video link.

He pointed out that in the present case the petitioner was looking for a directive for the Pakistan High Commission to attest to the documents.

Judge Minallah issued notices to the relevant authorities and postponed the hearing until October 28.

Posted on Dawn, October 23, 2019

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1512362/ihc-issues-notice-to-fo-over-attestation-of-judges-papers


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