How to download Instagram stories on iOS, Android and desktop

Instagram Stories started out as a very similar feature of Snapchat, but has grown in popularity with Stories users, who have more than 500 million daily activities worldwide. Stories provide a temporary and simple way to share content with friends and followers who are not permanently present in the main Instagram feed. Stories can be shared with some followers through all followers or close friends options. Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you can share Instagram stories directly with Facebook stories to reach your friends on both platforms.

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Images and videos posted to the story remain visible for up to 24 hours. After that, it disappears permanently, but can be accessed from your personal archive, and you can also permanently mark selected articles as "highlighted" on your profile page. You can also save each image or video independently, or download the entire story as a single video, saving the story to your phone's photo library. This is useful if you want to share content with other social media platforms such as Twitter. But it's a bit more complicated to save someone else's story.

For still images, the easiest way to save a story is simply to take a screenshot. There are guides to take screenshots on iOS and Android, but the key to Instagram Stories is to grab your finger or thumb from the screen first. This keeps the story going and removes user interface elements so you can capture them neatly. However, screenshots don't really work in video stories. To save someone else's video, you need a third-party app.

on iOS

Go to the App Store and download Repost Story for Instagram. The app is very simple. Just access your photo library and then search your Instagram username. The app also allows you to view the story anonymously, so you never know what the other person is seeing. The Story Creator tool lets you recreate old photos or videos with new dates.

On Android

The Android app we used is called Story Saver and it's available for free on the Google Play Store. Like Repost Story on iOS, you need to log in to your Instagram account to get started. The main page displays all the articles your followers have posted, but you can also search for others in the search bar. Select the photo or video you want Save. When you view a photo, it appears in the Story Saver folder. Regardless of how you save your story, it's best to save it with the permission of the person who published it. This is especially important if you want to share content in your own story or feed.

On the desktop

How to download Instagram story storydownloader screenshot

There are several ways to save a story to your computer. Perhaps the easiest way is to use StoryDownloader, a task-only website, as the name clearly suggests. You can also try Story Saver, StoriesIG and Weynstag. With this type of downloader site, simply enter a username and you'll see a table of current articles for that user. Press the download button to save it to your computer.

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