How to Сopy your favorite celebrity style…

how СOpi НOur favorite celebrity styles…

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Our personal style consists of personal taste and appearance borrowed from others' styles. If you are looking for ideas Designer clothing websites Or tag your favorite celebrities with Instagram to copy your style. The last method is very effective. But even with celebrities, a stylish mess occurs, so it must be reasonable to imitate your appearance. When copying someone's style, you need to be subtle in mind with your lifestyle, your body, and of course the situation. Otherwise, there is a risk that it will look funny or funny. That is why it is better to pay attention to the details of celebrity images, rather than to reproduce the overall appearance as it is.

Do not lose your personality

The idea of ​​learning the style of a celebrity is to improve your own style without losing it to the identity of others. Replicating someone's appearance from head to toe can stop their existence. This makeover will cost thousands of dollars and days to find and purchase the right thing. She takes one element from her favorite appearance, finds a cheap substitute and supplements what is already in the closet. If it's a dress, look for one that's the same style but in a different color or fabric.

Find signature accessors

Many celebrities have become recognizable because of their famous accessories. For example Harry Styles and his bandana, Enrique Iglesias and his baseball cap, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and she felt the cap. The advantage of the accessory is that unlike your favorite shirt, you can dress almost every day. If you don't know what a signature accessory is, think about what's unique. What part of your appearance is most often praised by friends or colleagues? Bag collection, jewelry, glasses or scarves?

Save your face

Literally and figuratively. Think about your look and feel in this "mask" when copying the trendy makeup of your favorite celebrity. Makeup does not have to be the second face. The point is to test your skills, but not to imitate others' faces. The same is true of hair styling. Dutch headbands popularized by the Kardashian-Jenner clan are not suitable.Any type of hair or face.

Beware of the situation

Most of the time, celebrities will see the most luxurious looks dazzling in front of the camera. If red carpets and colorful events don't happen too often in your life (probably if they happen), you should dress carefully like your favorite fashionista when the event happens. Not worth the chic. Smokey snow, low cut dresses, high hills do not start at picnics, parents' birthdays, and many other events that attend most of the time.

The secret to looking classy is to meet the world's best stylists and learn from celebrities who don't wear things that are inappropriate or unconfident.

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