Highlights of Kartarpur Corridor Agreement between Pakistan, India

ISLAMABAD – Thursday Pakistan and India signed a contract on the operation of the Kartarpur corridor, allowing the Sikh community to visit the last rest stop of Baba Guru Nanak in Narowal ahead of the upcoming 550 anniversary celebration.

The main contents of this agreement, signed by the Director of the South Asian Secretariat and Dr. SAARC Muhammad Faisal and Secretary-General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs S C L Das at Zero Point, near the India-Pak-India border, are:


Visa free travel
-A valid Indian passport is required for identification. Passport to scan, no stamp
-Overseas Indians accepted on Indian origin card
-5,000 pilgrims per day, except for additional provisions, on special days such as Gurpurab, Besakhi, etc.
-Corridor open 24/7 except notification day or emergency
– Opening hours from dawn to dusk; Pilgrims Return the Same Day
-A service fee of USD 20 per pilgrim is charged.
– Pilgrims can travel by individuals, groups, or even on foot
India delivers pilgrim list to Pakistan 10 days before travel
-Both countries set up a joint working group to promote the implementation of the agreement.
Valid for 5 years unless the contract is terminated early. Mutually agreed extensions in writing
Pakistan Rangers and Indian Border Security Bureau at designated node points to handle emergency situations, including medical evacuation of pilgrims
-The bridge, facilitation center and security check counter of the Budhi Ravi Channel were built early for the smooth movement of the pilgrims.

The main event of the Kartarpur corridor agreement between Pakistan and India first appeared at Daily Pakistan Global.


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