Heidi Klum hints at 2019 Halloween costume

With another Halloween, the annual guessing game comes up. How will Heidi Klum surpass this year?

The Queen of Halloween has earned the reputation of having the best costumes in history, from scary ones to sexy and striking mysteries. (Revisit the most memorable outfits above.)

This year she teased another creative outfit for the upcoming New York City Bash, and she promises to be another memorable ensemble.

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"I'm going to do something very special. It's been twenty years already and I'm trying to do something very special that day. I can't believe it! I'm pressured myself. It's not the outside world. That's what she told Entertainment Tonight." "I want to surpass myself again every year. … very difficult to walk, and it will take a long time to combine them. "

She explains that it takes a long time to wear elaborate costumes, so there is little time for dress rehearsal.

"Sometimes I sit there for 10 to 12 hours. When I turned into a really old woman, it took 12 hours. So you don't really practice any of these things," she said. "You are doing it in a day and you are hoping it will be fine. Until now it has always been, but you never know. Fingers and toes were crossed!"

Of course, behind her stomach a fascinating artist has been ready for months. In August, Klum uploaded a captioned video on his Instagram profile: "HALLOWEEN Ready… Don't move your muscles !!!!!!!!!! #heidiklumhalloween # heidiklumhalloween2019"

It is not surprising that for a week Klum gained a reputation as the most famous celebrity of Halloween.

Her advice to an artist or the rest of you who have access to Hollywood's best costume wardrobe will not be a few weeks of preparation time? Myself.

She said, "You should be surprised when you wore the look of Princess" Shrek "Fiona in USA Today last year. "When you look in the mirror, 'Yes, it's good.' Do you have to like yourself at the end of the day?"

Take a look at the teaser above.


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