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Ask the Ribble Valley residents if they want to change their country life for a busy city and the answer is simple. “The idea surprises me,” said Jonathan Gledhill, homeowner of the Red Pump Inn, a pub in this restaurant in the middle of Lancashire.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the green and delightful part of the southwest, including Bangladesh's vast and unspoiled Board of Bowland, is officially the happiest place in Britain, north of the former mill town of South Lancashire. At the request of a government investigator, the average score of Ribble Valley residents averaged 8.30, from 10 to 10. This is larger than the national average of 7.56.

“I'm not surprised. Here, people find great joy in living their lives instead of collecting material possessions. They may have a bit of money and a nice house, but not on a treadmill in the city, ”Gledhill, who moved to his small parish of Bashall Eaves with his wife Fran five years ago, ran a red pump.

The quiet lane in the Ribble Valley, in the center of the old market town Clitheroe, is far from urban stress, but the rural life of urban workers is easily reached. Manchester is just a short train ride away, and the west coast mainline and highway network round the Boulg of Bowland, bringing visitors and supporting the economy from agribusiness to tourism.

Best known for its small Norman castle and rural areas, Clitheroe and Ribble Valley have earned a reputation in recent years for their gourmet hotspots with award-winning inns. Steve Kugan and Rob Briden were welcomed when they visited Whitewell's Inn for the TV series The Trip.

"People don't know how accessible it is," said Steven Smith, president of Freemasons of Wiswell, who often visits London by train for two hours by train from Preston.

“Customers work in Manchester, London, etc. Here you can get a small step and a & # 39; breath & # 39; element. It's beautiful but it's not a million miles anywhere, ”he said.

Steven Smith, chef at Freemasons in Wiswell

Chef Stephen Smith of Freemasons at Wiswell Photo: Gary Calton / The Observer

Former professional football association president Gordon Taylor, who made a deal as a winger near Bolton Wanderers, lives in a quiet village. Smith said northwest corporate executives called the area home and there are several factories near Preston, including employees of BAE Systems, one of the largest employers in the county.

Earnings are above average and people are more likely to be homeowners. Ribble Valley has the highest owner share in Lancashire, far ahead of cities such as Blackburn, Burnley and Preston.

But young people can find it difficult to ride a house ladder, but the public bus service has been reduced, making life difficult for people without transportation. The population is around 60,000, widespread and rapidly aging. In areas where retirees are popular across the country, about a quarter of the population is over 65, a national average of over 18{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5}.

But Rachel McQueen, chief executive of Lancashire Marketing, said: “It's where families enjoy a great work life balance, active outdoor living on commuting streets, good schools and the best colleges in the United States. Don't be surprised that the residents of Ribble Valley in Lancashire are the happiest people in the UK. ”

Against the backdrop of enormous political stress and uncertainty, the entire UK has been steadily happy for six years since government statisticians began to evaluate the well-being of the country, but the northwest recorded the greatest development.

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According to the survey, money and power are not everything. London boroughs such as Islington and Camden are among the most prosperous in countries where wages are much higher than average. But residents are not steadily happier than the national average.

Liberal Democratic opposition leader Allan Knox for the Ribble Valley Borough Council, controlled by Tory, said: “We are a fairly prosperous borough. Its prosperity can bring the ability to overcome some economic problems that can be more harmful to other areas. ”

But he said that if the ONS surveyor asked him yesterday, he would have answered more gloomy than most neighbors. He said it rained more often west of Penin and his dog was not healthy.

Nevertheless, the area is a "hidden gem," Knox said.

Happy Top 5…

Ribble Valley: 8.30

Orkney Islands: 8.29

Chichester: 8.29

Ham Blton: 8.19

Flood: 8.18

… And floor 5

Norwich: 7.15

Worcester: 7.14

Lincoln: 7.09

South Ribble: 7.02

Frost Heath: 6.71



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