Greek Island Pokemon Go Player: No Spawn in 7 Months

Pokemon go Players on the Greek island sought help from the global community of mobile games. It's been about seven months since the last Pokemon was created locally.

Developer Niantic Labs, in an article by Resilit, the largest island in Greece's Saronicos Bay and a resident of Salamina, 10 miles off the coast of Athens, Pokemon go The player he represents.

Pokemon go It takes advantage of the mapping data provided by Open Street Maps, an open source service that anyone can edit. Unfortunately, this means there is some inaccuracy, and for Salamina players OSM is the source of all problems.

Redditor, using the name Giannhsblazer, said that the entire Saronic Gulf was tagged with “Nature = Bay”, including Salamina, Aegina, Agistri and Poros islands. As a result, Niantic's servers instructed Pokémon to stop producing in areas where it is expected to be submerged.

OSM later replaced tags on inhabited islands, but Niantic did not update. Pokemon go Check out the fixed version.

Pokemon goTo my surprise, I still work on salami and the other three islands. According to Giannhsblazer, there are still hundreds of PokéStops on the island, but the only way to make Pokémon spawn in the area is to pay bait and incense. On the other hand, the only thing players could do in the game was to fight their raid bosses with their core experience of catching Pokemon lost from them.

“Our report on Niantic is & # 39; Go somewhere else & # 39 ;, & # 39; PokéStops visit more places & # 39; or & # 39; Mobile data / GPS is active I didn't respond with a generic response like a funny answer like OK. Salami player told euro gamer

"This is the last shot before giving up the game completely."

Niantic did not respond to this issue and took the latest OSM version Pokemon go Salami community. If the OSM update takes time, one suggestion to fix the problem is to install bait on all PokéStops on the island while waiting for a permanent solution.

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