Google Pixel 4's Face Unlock feature works with your eyes closed

According to the BBC's report, Google has had everything about privacy in the last few weeks, but privacy flaws are noticeable on Google Pixel 4. news.

Of course, sometimes it can be useful, but there are some serious issues with this. In other words, when someone is sleeping or unconscious, you can use my face to unlock your phone to give full access to your device without your knowledge.

The actual technology is similar to Apple's Face ID on iPhone X and above, and Google said it's safe enough to work for device authentication on the Android operating system. In fact, the company was convinced of the technology and completely removed the fingerprint sensor from the Pixel. Therefore, for biometric authentication on the Pixel 4, you will need to use the new Face Unlock feature.

A fault in the system can be a problem for many reasons. Not only will your snooping partner or friend give you easy access to your device without your permission, but it can also be easier to unlock your phone without permission.

The fact that the system works when you close your eyes is distinguished from Apple's Face ID, so you need to open your eyes and look at the equipment. Apple actually allows users to disable that setting, but including it can make Face ID more secure than others.

We haven't included these settings yet, but hope they are set by default, even if they are included. In fact, most people don't need to navigate through the settings to make their device more secure. The user can still turn off face recognition completely and instead have to use a PIN code.

Of course, it should be noted that what you can work when you sleep or are unconscious is no different from a fingerprint sensor. Malicious actors can use fingerprints on their device when in theory unconscious. Still, biometric authentication is hopefully more secure over time and won't stay current.

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