Georges St-Pierre is willing to retire for the Khabib fight.

No one in the history of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) has won three different weight classes because of the difference in size of the existing divisions. Imagine that featherweight title holder Max Holloway is about to stop the welterweight kingpin Kamaru Usman's takedown, which is likely to tie a brutal Hawaiian two-legged next week.

It is not such a thing to pack the pound and thwart the 170-pound god Georges St-Pierre, who won the middleweight title at the end of 2017 at Michael Bisping. Light champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Who has the St. Pierre clause in the UFC contract?

St-Pierre told ESPN (recorded by MMA Fighting), “If we have the right fight, we know where to find it. “We tried to fight the right thing but it didn't work. If everything is contractually aligned, everything is fine as I say now. ”

If you do not see the above video and think that his opinion is overly vague, the interviewer will ask St-Pierre if Nurmagomedov is the right fight. "Rush" immediately checked. In short, contract coordination is another story.

In particular, with Dana White Promotion Chairman, flip-flops on the return of St-Pierre, the former "king" of pay-per-view (PPV) purchases. One minute he is ready to put a pen on paper the next moment without giving the title shot immediately to the French-Canada phenomenon.

Unless Tony Ferguson turns out to be unable to compete for a light crown, this matter is not important. “El Cucuy”, which prevents injuries, has entered the next line of “The Eagle” and is expected to crack at Nurmagomedov at some point in early 2020.


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