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Geo Jobs Local News Channel 2019 In Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad Phone number Email address: Are you ready to join the GEO news channel? The GEO News TV channel was mentioned as one of the most influential media groups in Pakistan. Local TV station in Pakistan does not work, and even broadcast television services in Europe, Malaysia, Canada, United States places. GEO News TV channel has opened its new job 2019, the city of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

Jobs Geo Jobs 2019

A resounding success! The GEO TV 2002 test transmission (10) Regular digital satellite transport was established on 1 October 2002, at the beginning of PAS on Geo TV in August 2002, 14 May, starting in January. Geo will provide similar content and first-class television channels. The first South Asian Urdu language channel is the fastest 100% carriage survey growth area and the Pakistani television channel that exceeds all satellite television channels transmitted on the market with the most distributed distribution cable system Ample in Pakistan Within 90 days to release.

Scientific technology

Press Room Automation Services GEO has the latest computer information systems designed to meet the dynamic challenges of today’s news environment. Powerful and complete news production system, can be customized so that everyone can use – 24 hours a day to live in a small news channel, multichannel news network. Connect all elements of exciting news action. News, food, wire manufacturing, scripts, summaries, files, contacts, browser, video, flight schedules, individual workspace, labor and even more formats to meet individual needs.
The tool allows the fabric to provide both the main economic impact of its messages at one and the same time to create and increase production. The products and solutions of systems are used by the main television channels of universities, Internet portal, museums and the world. It also allows the creation and television, interactive television, Internet access and distribution of rich visual content for the dissemination of graphics, display a virtual environment, quantitative visualization and the information network provided by a wide range of media platforms, including Wireless application protocol produces the software.
STUDIO-D, control and system is a multi-track audio recorder and digital workstations and VTR synchronization recording studio control system to provide an adaptive operation function for any business model: the GEO system is A state of the art product in time to use over developed. The TV offers a full spectrum of automation technology and network capabilities. Media server system. The media server system consists of a network interface, a disk-based storage subsystem, and system software. This modular component is connected to the mains.

The first area

Viewer participation brings strength, began the first interactive entertainment programs in Pakistan. Continue with the spade of all broadcasters competing for a major news event. In addition to the seven countries of Pakistan a strong international network to offer live content from New York, Washington and London. Premium rate numbers through call features and features to raise $ 100,000 for twelve hours the first Telethon in Pakistan. Itinerant traveling exhibition for the festival and the participation of the audience, such as interactive contests and updating program. The largest and most aggressive training and recruitment.


Formal multidisciplinary training was provided to all producers, reporters, writers and editors, including the GEO 500 members of the Intelligent Media Consultants. CNN, BBC producer, cameraman, editor and host presenter was composed of separate members from Dubai and Karachi for five months to complete the training. Multidisciplinary training has long-term cost savings and provides iksukreul camera operation, information, editing and production capabilities to develop individual skills in multitasking teamwork environment.


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