Game rejection with Nipsey Hussle's death for New Merch • Hollywood unlock

Rapper The Game has just released the Prolific Records product that it just expected, but it turns out that you need to set a record of your relationship with Nipsey Hussle's legacy!

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Many people know that a killed rapper tattooed the word “Prolific” on his face. Fans came to him quickly to see Nip's best friend Game use the word. One fan tweeted

“The game is really sick and I'm doing my best to profit from Nipsey Hussle lol. Even Nips friend gets angry. ”

But according to the game, fans say everything is wrong. The Los Angeles rapper says he didn't deliberately use Nissi's face in marketing to avoid his situation. He said he was blessed by rapper brother Block Sam.

In a very long message posted in his Instagram story, the game said.

"My use of the world's fertility is the only way to carry out my brother's legacy." “Every product sold has a face, and albums are all photos, logos, etc. related to the game. With love for Nip, Blacc Sam, and his immediate family, I deliberately didn't include Nip's photos or his similarities, and since the brothers have gone by, have passed all the traffic to @themarathonclothing. I have had a close conversation with & # 39; Blacc Sam & # 39; and have been blessed with what I have done to protect my brother's name and carry on his legacy. ”

There is no question that The Game loved Nipsey like a brother. Los Angeles natives posted pictures of nips on Instagram every day for weeks after their deaths, saying mourning!

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