‘Further sanctions would have been disastrous’ – Zimbabwe Cricket chairman

Zimbabwe Cricket avoided the "disaster" situation by the board chairman Tavengwa Mukuhlani returning to full membership of the ICC. Zimbabwe refolded after satisfactorily showing the ICC that there was no external influence on its operation.

ZC was banned in July due to government interference in the cricket administration. However, following a meeting with the ICC Chief Brass, Mu Kulani and Zimbabwean Sports Kirsty Coventry were able to resolve the situation.

As a result, Zimbabwe will have access to the ICC funds again and the team will rejoin the ICC tournament.

"An additional sanction on what was there would have been a disaster in that country." Mukuhlani spoke at a press conference in Harare Thursday. "This means that we can settle salary and game costs outstanding. Now we can already run domestic competitions while continuing with many other development programs.

"The road to the future in Zimbabwe's cricket is free from debt and will not have any difficulty paying salaries. See our core business thrive in the future and continue to thrive to continue to thrive in major tournaments and series of all major formats. You can match. "

ZC had a lot of difficulty in self-sufficiency. Previously, it was not possible to pay the staff and ran into player demonstrations due to non-payment of match fees. This was because ZC could return to the ICC and share the profits of management agencies around the world, as it could not generate enough revenue even while hosting international cricket.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean players were happy to hear that they would be back soon.

Brendan Taylor and Fast Bowler Kyle Jarvis, who were selected after a long election at the British Circuit, tweeted their approval of the ICC's decision. 2020 Super League [the qualifying tournament for World Cup 2023] It's quite busy, counting the number of tours already lined up, starting with the Sri Lanka home series sometime in January. "

Taylor, Jarvis and their team members now face a different change from Mukuhlani, suggesting that there is a big change in the card and "there is no permanent person on this team."

ZC Chairman said, "We must have a culture of people to fight to be part of the team, and every time we have a chance, we must value it and do our best." "We won't continue to face the same situation with the results.

"We won't make wholesale changes because we need experience that will help the new generation find foot in international cricket. We are organizing more games for national teams across ages." Our first class And there's nothing we can do to ensure that domestic competition remains strong and competitive. "

The men's senior team still continued to play even if the board was suspended because the board had the right to arrange a bilateral series along with other cricket boards for three months. This is how veteran batter Hamilton Masakadza plays in Bangladesh where they have an international career. Mukuhlani said his focus was on finding and growing more top players at the grassroots level.

"Clubs and ages and school cricket are an important part of this ZC. The club structure is a bit confusing. We need to rearrange club cricket. We need to see ages again. Our school cricket."


Source Link : http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/story/1204191.html?CMP=OTC-RSS


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