From DC to H-Town: World Series brings out friendly wagers between Astros and Nats fans


Reaching the 2019 World Series, Astro has received much support from Houston residents and businesses, and many have endorsed the team by offering deals and betting. Washington National fans are also betting that their team will win the MLB Championship for the first time.

The mayor of Houston joined the support by betting on Twitter's Astros.

On Twitter, Mayor Turner called Muel Bowser, Mayor of Washington, D.C., by betting on barbecue plates and beers that Astros will win this year's World Series to win the Washington National.

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Similarly, Congressman Elleanor Holmes Norton of Washington D.C. bet Texas lawmaker Sheila Jackson Lee that the Nationals will rule the Astro.

The bet is fun and ruthless. If National wins, Lee and her staff You need to wear a main shirt and take a picture. But if Astros win, Norton poses with Lee in Astros jersey.

Norton said, "After serving together with my friend Jackson Lee for years, I'm happy to bet my streamer on the Astro."

Houston's Saint Arnold Brewing Company and D.C.'s Brau Brewing Company agreed to add fun and bet popular beers with World Series bets.

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