Fortnite shutdown: What’s going on? Will black hole mark the game’s end?

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Fort Night, hit by meteors and rockets on Sunday evening, has been shut down and is now showing a black hole.

The end of the game, which hosts 250 million players around the world, shocked players, especially after their social media accounts were cleaned up with obvious power outages after the event.

The creators of the online shooter game Epic Games were teasing "The End", an in-game event to end the game's tenth season, but gamers weren't expecting it to literally come true, wondering what the game was like . Fortnite is coming soon.

The third version of Fotnite was a huge success at Epic Games and attracted more than 100 million players in just one year of its initial release in September 2017. It also made over $ 2.4 billion in revenue last year.

The third version of the game, Fortnite Battle Royale, is a free play shooter survival battle game that allows players to stand and fight each other for the last time anywhere in the world.

One of the most prevalent video games, 100,000 loyal fans, was still actively watching the game's black hole live stream on Twitch with 50,000 YouTube.

In an interview with CNN, e-sports and game consultant Rod Breslau called the game developer Epic Games "genius" and mentioned that a total of millions of gamers participated.

Breslau called Sunday's black hole explosion and blackout "the most watched game event in history."

After the Fort Knight blackout, some users no longer expressed concern about how they could not log in to play other games from Epic Games. The company said on Twitter that the game launcher was down, but soon returned to normal.

Will Fortnite come back online?

Fortnite's move to generate more than $ 2 billion in revenue for the "Epic Game" is rare if a developer really wants to leave everything behind. The game has started to give hints, but I'm not sure what they directed.

Occasionally, the player noticed a number coming out of a black hole, which sends crabs to a giant crustacean on the beach when put on Google Maps.

Fort Night gamers really stay in the dark because there was no official statement from the developer about the apparent shutdown.

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