Family ‘accepts’ verdict on Sahiwal killings – Pakistan

SAHIWAL: In response to the acquittal of the accused staff of CTD in the Sahiwal murders, the aggrieved family says they accept the verdict of the court.

Muhammad Jalil, whistleblower and brother of the late Muhammad Khalil, said Dawn That family had no intention of challenging the ATC verdict.

In a video clip, Khalil said "we trust our institutions and we don't want policies on the subject." The FIR against six CTD officials was registered by Yousafwala police after the family filed protests on Ferozpur Road in Lahore.

The CTD managed the FIR registry in Lahore and appointed a sub-inspector in charge of the Sahiwal operation to save senior officials. None have ever questioned who ordered this operation.

It was Jalil who followed the investigation at the Youafwala police station and then the trial at the Sahiwal ATC. At his request, the President of the Supreme Court of the LHC formed a JIT on February 14 that further investigated the case.

During that period, Mr. Jalil and his lawyer had publicly accused some CTD officials of threatening his family. He demanded security during the proceedings of the case at the Sahiwal ATC.

It was Jalil who later filed an application with the Lahore High Court and transferred the trial to Lahore.

Posted on Dawn, October 25, 2019



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