Exclusive Kamya Panjabi spills the bean is she really getting hitched to Shalabh Dang in the next three days

Camya Panby Marriage

Kamya Panjabi actually married his boyfriend Shalabh Dang and the actress gave this answer. TV star Kamya Panjabi has shared such photos with her boyfriend Shalabh Dang over the past few days, so rumors of marriage began to spread quickly. The actress also shared romantic photos on social media a few days ago. With this, the actress posted gestures to the fans after five days … After that, she continually subtracts one day and hints that interesting news will come out.

Her fans began to guess that both would soon be married. The actress said today two more days… Happy Dhanteras ’photo caption, with two lovebirds looking into each other's eyes.

But when fans began to guess about marriage, Bollywood life asked the actress about marriage. When the Bollywood Life questioned their marriage to Kamya Punjabi about whether they were actually married three days later, the actress said, "I will wait three more days and find out." Secret. By the way, you can definitely read the comments from the users below.

By the way, let us know that the actress has been dating deli-based businessmen for the last few months. Kamya has a beloved daughter Ara, and boyfriend Shalabh Dang has a son Ishaan. The couple recently returned from Dubai with their children on a holiday. Want to know this interesting news of Kamya?

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