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If the two behind the main website that advocates electric cars did both of these things, then the rest of us probably should pay attention.

Whispering is not too many people hear it, but a five-year-old electric car is probably one of the best car purchases you can buy right now, regardless of your environmental credentials. This is especially true if you are one of the millions of people who use cars most of the time.

The way out of the price range of a regular car buyer, a quality electric car released a few years ago, is now hitting the used market with less than £ 7,000.

Costing 30,000 pounds (after grants) eight years ago, Nissan Leafs can find a watch at about 60,000 miles at 5,700 pounds.

Renault Zoe, which has a battery rented and few miles on the clock, starts at around £ 6,500.

Even the more futuristic and previously expensive BMW i3, made from recyclable parts, can be bought for £ 13,000 for a low-mileage model at age five. This eco-friendly car will cost you a few pounds a week. It is attractive when gasoline weighs 1.30 pounds per liter and diesel averages 1.36 pounds.

Interestingly, in recent months, the price of second-hand electric vehicles has begun to rise to almost unheard of prices in the second-hand car market as demand outstrips supply. They are also sold more and more by a group of new car dealers who only sell electric vehicles.

When Guardian Money last spoke with Melanie Shufflebotham, who runs both the EV charging app Zap-Map and the Next Green Car website, she was running a lease reef. But this week she and her co-owner Ben Lane decided to buy a used model in recent months.

"Until recently, used EV buyers were afraid to carry a valuable car because their expensive batteries were exhausted," she says. “That fear turned out to be largely unfounded, and we can say that the life of the technology has proven itself in the eight years since the introduction of Leaf. Smart buyers are moving to very low operating costs and clear environmental benefits. ”

Renault joey electric car

Renault Zoe is a popular option – you can buy a six year old model for about 6,500 pounds. Photo: David Gee / Alamy

This is not an academic view. She put money in her mouth and now owns 20,000 miles of leaves for 13,750 pounds.

“Mine offers a 110 mile real range of 110 miles. It's been three years and works flawlessly, and the battery works over 95{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} of its original capacity, ”she says.

“If the battery capacity drops below 75{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5}, you get the rest of the 8 year (or 100,000 miles) warranty to replace the battery, but don't expect it. A partner from Ben Zap-Map also bought a used BMW i3. ”

The affordable second-hand market is dominated by three cars: Leaf, BMW and Zoe, she says. All sold in bulk and proven.

In most cases, the first two marquee buyers own the battery. For Zoe, he owns a car but has to rent £ 49 battery a month.

Shufflebotham said that as interest in second-hand electric vehicles increased, many electric car dealers began to specialize in second-hand electric cars. Brands like We Are EV or JustEV are not tied to one brand as traditional dealers prefer, but they sell all brands.

Bmw i3

You can buy a five-year-old BMW i3 for about 13,000 pounds. Miles Willis / Getty Images

Headquartered in Hampshire, JustEVs currently has 50 electric cars in a book with the cheapest cars for £ 6,995.

The company's Red Middleton says those who are wondering if these cars can last a long time should watch their own reefs with a watch reaching 187,000 miles.

“I manage 75 miles on a fully charged one and it actually runs well. Buyers realized that used EVs are now suitable for everyday drivers, and the demand for quality used models has increased significantly. For this reason we are very busy right now. ”

The main benefit of electric car buyers is that the vehicle consumption tax is reduced to zero, saving 140 pounds per year compared to the average car.

Annual maintenance costs should also be cheap. No oil to replace, no eye-catching spark plugs, no gearbox and few moving parts.

However, EVs are usually a bit more expensive than conventional models because of the high cost of repairs in the event of a crash. But LV = is trying to become an insurer of electric cars, which Leaf now says is on average 10 pounds a year more than gasoline Nissan Micra.

According to LV =, electric car buyers have complained about a bigger hike in the past, but as the number of electric cars on the road increases, the difference in premiums will decrease and repair costs will continue to fall over the next few years.

One of the potential buyer's problems is the almost surprising variety of models, battery sizes, and claims.

Electric Car Charging at the Street, Salford

Nissan Leaf comes in several battery sizes. Photo: Alamy

The leaf is typical in that it was originally shipped with a 24 kWh battery and then upgraded to 30 kWh. Later models were supplied with 40 kWh batteries. The higher the number, the higher the mileage per charge.

Early cars typically manage 75 miles between plugins. The 30kWh car manages over 100 miles, while the latest used models promise 150.

In general, the larger the capacity, the higher the purchase price. Buyers driving back 25 miles will be satisfied with the cheapest low-volume models to buy. If you need a larger range, you need a bigger battery size.

Zoe is considered the cheapest way to get a used electric car. Buyers should at least always ensure the highest level of battery, taking into account battery rent (usually 49 pounds -59 pounds per month).

Overnight charge for providing a typical 100 mile drive costs about £ 3- £ 4, depending on your electricity bill. For fast charging in highway service areas or elsewhere, depending on the battery owner, the cost of a leaf owner is usually around £ 4- £ 6. If you charge £ 6 on a 40kWh vehicle, it will take about 150 miles.

To travel the same street with a gasoline car, you usually need £ 24. It will cost more if the trip is around a crowded city.

The fact that there is no exhaust emissions means that you can jump across vehicles and drive across town with a much clearer conscience.

What should I do if I want a new car?

Kia Iniro

Kia e-Niro cars can be bought for about 33,000 pounds, but most people lease. Photo: Marco Destefanis / Alamy

If you're bringing a new electric vehicle to market, Auto Express rated Kia e-Niro as the “pound pound”, the best electric car on sale.

Testers have more than 10,000 miles of 64 kWh five-door models and named Kia e-Niro the “electrically good family car”. “It's better to drive than many gasoline vehicles, it's much cheaper to run, and it's a hassle-free pleasure. I really like it. ”It was the final verdict of the tester.

Testers determined they would provide a real range of 200-300 miles per full charge, depending on the weather. It was the lowest level in the coldest month. When using Kia's ultra-fast 100kW charger, he said, a 30-minute charge adds a distance of about 150 miles.

You can buy this car for about 33,000 pounds, but most people will want a lease. Transactions vary, but in general, the cheapest Lingscar leases one for a short period of two years for prepayment of £ 1,770 a year and an additional monthly payment of £ 590 per month. This allows you to drive 10,000 miles per year.

For comparison, a more traditional Guinea hybrid estate can be rented at Lingscars for £ 834, the first payment of £ 278 per month for four years. But you need to consider fuel costs.

Basic Mondeo can be rented for almost four years at almost the same price. Two-year contracts tend to be more expensive than traditional four-year contracts.

If Kia doesn't do it for you and you care about Tesla Model 3, a three-year private rent costs 445 pounds a month, but you have to pay 4,000 pounds upfront. Limited to 8,000 miles per year.

As expected, “cheap” Tesla has more elements than hunger, but it's not practical. You need to offer a real range of 180-200 miles for less than hunger.

Lingscars will rent an electric VW golf of £ 230 per month for three years at a prepaid cost of 2,070 pounds. The best model in progress is Hyundai Kona Electric 64kWh. What Car said it's the highest-performance car we've tested so far in a real range of 259 miles. A lease for this model will come soon.

'The car has more than just managing everything I throw.'

Vicky Wyer and her Nissan Reef Electric Car

Vicky Wire said the Nissan Leaf electric car was & # 39; revelation & # 39 ;. Photo: Martin Godwin / The Guardian

Like most others with electric cars, Vicky Wyer says you can't go back to diesel cars. Landscape designers from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, say they have "absolutely loved" Nissan Leaf for 18 months.

“I can work 45 minutes (30 miles) three times a week, finish driving and get back to a fully charged state. I have a medium size (30kWh) version that offers a real range of about 100 miles, which was a revelation.

“Very delighted, reliable, very comfortable and easy to carry 4 people. Road tax is free and fuel economy is amazing. Since I was driving Ford Mondeo diesel, I didn't regret it for a while as a much greener option. ”

She has a 7kWh charger at home, which allows him to charge the right amount in about 3 hours or fully charge it overnight. The car was leased under a three-year contract and there is an option to buy at the end of his term.

She thinks it would be an unusual electric car user in that she does not need to use a public charger. She says, because you have access to everything you need for pure charging.

“The only downside I can think of is that Leaf doesn't have boots that are as big as the old Ford. I especially like the heated steering wheel which may sound strange but it was good for me due to poor circulation. If you need to travel longer, I like the fact that Nissan offers the option to rent a gasoline car for two weeks a year. I can use it next year, but so far Leaf has had more than managing everything I throw. ”


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