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The episode of Ehd-e-Wafa tonight was much better than last week's episode, but Shahzain got excessive screen time, but Shariq was also missing in this episode. Ahmed Ali Akbar and Wahaj Ali performed exceptionally well in all episodes, so there's no reason why screen times aren't the same. Also, the situation in Shariq and Shehryar was definitely more inspiring than that of Shahzain and even Saad. The scene of the lion deed did not expand because each scene made distinct progress on the track, while the scene of Shazain was a bit detailed. The meeting between Saad and Dua in this episode was actually very cute. Raani's scene was fun and it was nice to see Shahzain's dada give him reasonable advice. The episode tonight was beautifully directed and the video was as attractive as usual. The friendship between the boys ended with good things and their sympathy is a thing of the past.

Latest developments

After angering Shazain and demonstrating irrationality, the artist focused more on presenting a caring, sensitive and rational aspect of his personality, especially in the first few scenes of this episode. Shahzain was once groomed by his dada to take his place and played the role with the same confidence as when leading the SSG. He also has a big self and is used to having his way. Some dialogue between the Chaudhries however could be easily settled. Rani kept deceiving her parents and focusing on everything but her research. Jara Noor Abbas nailed this character simply, and some of Rani's conversations were fun. The energy that she translates on the screen becomes even more exciting. I am looking forward to her more.

It was not difficult to explain why Saad decided not to submit a form to his father. His father's approval and his strict attitude toward Saad were explained in this episode through a conversation with Saad's mother. It was good to remember the time Saad spent with friends, but only recently did this happen, so no flashback scene was needed. The way Saad told Shahzain and Shehryar again showed that this would not be easy. Also, Saad is actually different from these two boys because he constantly feels bad about what he did. Ahad Raza Mir's acting was excellent overall. He well translated the shy and fragile side of the Saad character on the screen. Ahad Raza Mir was also good at expressing right when he was angry or disgusted. His character has many aspects in which this characteristic is balanced and interesting.

Upon hearing Saad, Shahzain received another reality check from Shehryar's father. This was one of my favorite scenes since Sheraya's father confirmed that Shazain was free from good paintings. Through all these scenes, the artist showed why all these boys can no longer be friends. Careless college days have passed and now it's time for these boys to grow up. Elders played an important role in ensuring that no one disturbed their children. Shahzain was considered a bad influence by all parents, so he faced the worst rejection.

Dua and Saad finally had a "#normal" conversation tonight. This whole scene was shot nicely and put off. Dua also apologized for something (for change). I feel every time we see the other side of Dua's character. In this episode, Alizeh Shah acted well, and both actors went well together.

My favorite conversation tonight was the last scene. Shahzain's dada has changed a lot. Hopefully, Shazain will understand what he means and change his mind. Dua's family will never marry someone like her!

Final remarks

Saad's mother's nominal role was particularly disappointing because Saad is one of the most screen-time characters in every episode. The scene of Shahzain was not interested at all, except for howling when Shahzain returned to his village. Osman Khalid Butt's performance once again swayed and performed well in some scenes, but most of his acting was fairly woody. I wonder if we will see Shariq again! Tonight's episode showed high and low scores. Scenes that affect and scenes that can be passed easily. Raani provided a very necessary cartoon slogan.

A preview of the upcoming episode showed that Saad will join the army in the next episode.

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