Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 4 Story Review – Too Serious and Angry

Tonight's episode was mostly too serious and a bit angry. This episode lacked much needed influence and flow at this point. While the dismantling of the SSG is anticipated, the tracks of Shahzain and Saad became more angry than expected. Later, after the students left college, the scenes dealing with the lives of boys were somewhat rushing. Some of these scenes were emotional about Wahaj Ali and Ahad Raza Mir taking the lead in this particular aspect. When you see a scene where Shahzain shoots a horse is seriously confusing, I wonder why creators expect viewers to laugh at jokes in later episodes! The rest of the boys acted convincingly throughout Osman Khalid Butt, but in this episode the performance was very disappointing and his character was even worse. So far, Dua's character has nothing to offer, and the actor who plays the role of a cousin is too stiff and requires a lot of conversational communication. Shahzain's grandfather is funny, but Saad's mother spent so much time in this episode while he rarely gets it! There was no meaningful scene dealing with Saad's relationship with his mother or sister.

Recent development

Tonight the episode began with the boys being banished from the quarters. The principal's approach to understanding was beyond that, and I found it particularly unrealistic to accept Shazain's grandfather. Dua decided to talk to Raheel and leave. Raheel's bad behavior was the worst part of this scene. It was good to see Dua get angry in this scene, but later showed that depending on her attitude when she saw Saad at college, Dua's character wouldn't have much to offer. To date, there are no powerful female leads in this drama.

The scene covering the boy's exit in the hostel is emotional and in some ways unexpected. Shahzain was qualified to hit him because he was the one who planned everything, and it was his overconfidence that put everyone in trouble. Wahaj Ali is amazing in every scene. Saad's farewell meeting with Khurshid was also impressed, but it was unpleasant to see Saad angry for a long time. Shahzain was the only one who did not take the exam because he was convinced that his grandfather did not need to study. Later his antics showed that his grandfather caused him to become the discord he wanted to see him.

An introduction to the character of Saad's mother was one of the worst aspects of this episode. It seemed like Vaneeza Ahmad didn't have enough time to shoot too many scenes. After all, this was the mother of one of the main figures, why was it so casually introduced after three episodes? Saad's relationship with his father was well established in this episode, and unlike before he had no warmth, it was like a boss talking to his subordinates. But Ahad Raza Mir was convinced that he was a docile and obedient son. Faraz Yahya looks quite cliché, but his character has been impressively translated on screen.

When the boy was in the test hall, the order of seating had no meaning at all. All of us who did the board test made no sense at all because we knew that a friend was not near you during the test. Saad decided to give up medical research to allow Dua to enter. That way he will eventually end up in the army.

Final remarks

Tonight the Ehd-e-Wafa episode covered much, from the sad end of the SSG to a new beginning for every boy. Unfortunately not all of these developments were affected. Shahzain and Saad have too long screen time, but Shariq's character hasn't got anything in the last few minutes. The preview of the next episode suggested that Shahzain's character could turn in a negative direction, but in the end it's a story about friendship, hoping that this is his way of redemption! Except for the scene dealing with the boy's exit from the hostel, the episode tonight didn't work for me. I'm hoping the writer can define all these tracks in upcoming episodes.

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