Eco Reco M5 Electric Scooter Review

Finding the perfect lightweight electric scooter for an adult is not an easy task. You want something that is safe, reliable and perfect for your trip. The Eco Reco M5 may be exactly what you are looking for. Quiet motor, lithium iron phosphate battery and fast charging time, which is always advantageous. The energy recovery braking system keeps you safe and helps you stay in control at all times.

Keep reading to find out what I like and don't.

Will the Evo Eco Reco M5 electric scooter win?

Finding a folding electric scooter suitable for busy adult life is not easy. While many models are designed to be used as child-friendly scooters and adult toys, the Eco Reco M5 electric scooter is more adult-oriented and as a result makes a big difference in your driving experience.

Advantages :

  • Easily handle multiple terrains
  • Charge up to 70% in 2 hours.
  • Maximum speed of 20 miles per hour.

Disadvantages :

  • Maximum speed setting is cumbersome
  • Front and rear suspension may be better

Architectural and design quality

The Eco Reco M5 is an elegant matte black, boasting a typical scooter style. It's not bad to see it, but it's not really noticeable in the crowd. The frame is made of aviation quality aluminum with durable and front and rear suspension. This adult scooter will endure many traffic uses and continue. Powerful and reliable in the way we like

This electric scooter from Evo Powerboards is designed to be quiet and energy efficient, and the company has achieved both of these approaches. Practical portable folding design, useful when you need to take a train or bus or store it in the car chest. Therefore public transport is friendly. Easy to carry and weighs 36 pounds. This Evo electric scooter also has a driver weight of up to 400 kg. Honestly, it is the best we have seen on scooters in this class.

This personal transport reaches speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and offers a range of about 20 miles per load. The adult ecoreco electric scooter has an LED backlight dashboard for support and speed info lights. Not the fastest electric scooter, but it has a lot of great features.

Loading time

One of the things I liked about the Ecoreco M5 scooter is that it charges faster. When the battery is charged for 2 hours to reach 80%, it will be fully charged for 4.5 hours. Each charge of a powerful battery provides a distance of about 20 miles. Battery life is excellent.


Eco Reco M5 offers a smooth, quiet and fast trip. Those solid rubber tires handled various types of terrain, such as grass, gravel, asphalt and dirt, but the scooter wasn't too slow. You can get better by improving the suspension, but the ride feels good. This Ecoreco m5 folds quickly in seconds, making it easy to carry. I also liked that there was a configurable maximum speed of 7mph, 12mph and 20mph. But to make such a change, you need to remove the hammer, which is annoying.

The energy recovery braking system is easy to use, nice and sensitive.


This Ecoreco electric travel scooter can be aimed at children, but it's definitely aimed at adults. Going to work or the city by providing a solid, reliable and smooth ride. It has one of the best weights and best loading times you can find in this class. I enjoyed a quiet ride and a great performance everywhere I tried it. If you are an adult and looking for a good electric scooter for travel, it will be hard to find something better than this. Ecoreco scooter is one of the best electric scooters for adults who have been using it for a long time. It can be the best Evo scooter on the market. Better than an electric skateboard

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