Don't miss watching this Halloween teenage Epic monster movie

The rest of the year belongs to all Robert Downeys and Tom Cruises in the film industry. But fell down and the monsters Star & # 39; role. Who honestly wants Iron Man when watching and enjoying Godzilla or Frankenstein's monsters? These nasty and spooky guys are on the list of the coolest monsters we have seen, along with the most modern monsters we have ever seen. By the way, we are not really talking about aliens or ghosts. We are closer to a real old school movie monster. This artificial monster contains really big bugs that live in underground and strange underwater creatures. Check out our list of 10 epic monster movies you must see this Halloween!

Black Lagoon Creature

If you want to host a movie party with really old monsters, you should add this party to the list. Stories involving prehistoric monsters lurking in dense forests and groups of (crazy !!) scientists who want to catch monsters & # 39; Research & # 39; This movie will definitely surprise you. The most exciting part of all this? Those who love to get credit for things that aren't really theirs!


If you have pulmonary phobia, then this film is not the right one for you. Believe me! descent It's the story of a group of women who decided to squat to find bizarre underground monsters hiding in the dark and actually hiding in limited space. This modern horror epic will surely stun you and gasp out of space.


In this 80's classic, Kurt Russell starred in a movie where strange creatures began to attack scientists one at a time in remote areas of Antarctica. The most exciting part of the movie is that the creature can take the form of a victim! The movie is a great movie to add to your Halloween movie party list.


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