Disney +: everything that comes with the streaming service

The upcoming Disney + service seems to be a big addition to the streaming world; the more you look at this platform, the more competitors you have for Netflix, Hulu, and other consumer direct video platforms.

Available for pre-order now and launch on November 12, Disney + will host more than 600 TV shows and movies on its debut, and more products will be released over time. First and foremost is a variety of projects that relate to Disney's Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and Disney's own attributes, highlighting family-friendly themes. The latest additions to the programming lineup include a series of movie franchise revivals and another live action. star Wars to show.

Here's everything you know so far about what's coming to Disney +.

Classic revival

Disney plus tv show movie hawkers pocus witch blu ray

Hawkers FocusIn 1993, a family comedy was a tale of a witch's trio that caused confusion in suburban communities, which was not particularly favorable during release, but over time, the film became a cult classic and a Halloween favorite. Now 26 years later Hawkers Focus'Debut, Disney is developing a sequel to Disney +. Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker haven't signed the project yet, but Disney still hopes to rejoin the roles of Winifred, Mary and Sarah Sanderson respectively.

Disney's acquisition of the 21st Century Fox movie property remodeled the studio plan for the family-friendly movie franchise that was previously included in the Fox banner.

Reboot of Home alone (Picture), Museum night, Cowardly Child's Diary, Cheaper by dozen According to Disney CEO Bob Iger (via Deadline), the franchise is currently under development for Disney +. At this point, we don't know what the rebooted franchise will look like in the form of large screens, TV shows, etc.

Launch lineup

Disney + arrives November 12, 2019 and offers a large collection of old and new editions of show and film. I'm looking for a place to find all the features of Disney animation. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on Gather me? How about their direct video sequel? One stop shop need Rescue rangers, Dark Wing Duck, And all other Disney Afternoon products? What about Marvel's 90's animated series? I want to reproduce the Disney Channel Classic Hannah Montana and Zack & Cody's Sweet Life Or your favorite cult So strange? Everything from Disney's vintage live action family movies, 80's movies for TV, and the latest Marvel blockbuster. Ironman and Captain marvel, Star wars etc.

The launch lineup of Disney + is really amazing. Take a look at the full list. You have no choice but to see what you like.

star Wars


The live-action Star Wars series developed by Jon Favreau is an End of Endor Return of the JediFollow the “Lone Gunman in the Outskirts of the Galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic”. The Game Of Thrones Actor Pedro Pascal plays the title of the series. Trailers for the first season are now available and pilot episodes (and others) are in Disney + on release date. You don't have to wait longer. According to Collider Mandaloria season2 has already begun.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Mini Series

The long-standing Obi-Wan Kenobi feature is dead and gone, but its spirit continues on the new Disney + TV show. Equi McGregor will play the Jedi Master in this series, just as he did in the Prequery Trilogy. McGregor said it would take about four hours and start shooting in 2020. . According to Marvel & # 39; s star Wars The comic book Obi-Wan has spent considerable time acting as a bodyguard for Jawa merchants and fighting bounty hunters with Jabba's clubs and tangles, so the setting may sound more than the first. The script is also “great” according to the Star Wars News Net.

Untitled Cassian Andor Series

Set after event Star Wars: Episode VI — The Return of the Jedi And before Episode VII — The Force AwakensThis series will bring back Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Actor Diego Luna like a rebel spy Casian Andor. Alan Tudyk also returns to Andor's wacky robot assistant voice K-2SO. The series will be held before the event Rogue One.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Series

7th season Star Wars: Clone Wars It is currently being produced for Disney + and will be broadcast in February 2020.

Star Wars Solo Series of other rumors

Obi-Wan may not travel to Disney + alone. In We Cover This Covered, a series featuring Star Wars characters like Lando Calarius solo& # 39; Femme Fatale Qi & # 39; ra, reformed storm pilot Finn and ace resistance pilot Poe Dameron are all in early Disney development. The report does not say whether the popular Hollywood stars Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke, Oscar Isaac or John Boyega will regain their respective big screen roles, and none of these shows have been confirmed. Disney. Consider these show rumors now.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Hawk eye

Jeremy Renner is an avengers hitman, Hawkeye, who will regain his role not only for his bow and arrow, but also for his live action series that will hand the torch to a young girl named Kate Bishop. will be. This series features Matt Fraction and David Aja. Hawk eye A cartoon following Clint Barton and his young apprentice.


Tor Lano Locke's Loki

Loki series Rick and Morty Producer Michael Waldron will follow the god of mischief after escaping from New York with Tesseract. The Avengers: End Game. Loki Debuted in the spring of 2021.

Wanda Vision

Scarlet Witch and The Vision will form the joint headlines of the Disney + show that will bring Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen as Android vision and energy manipulation Scarlet Witches. Captain marvel Co-author Jac Schaeffer is the head lighter and show runner of the series and will arrive at Disney + in the spring of 2021.

The series is described as half-sitcom, half-drama and introduces the adult version. Captain marvelMonica Rambeau, played by Katherine Hahn, and the “Non-Neighboring Neighbor”. Unconfirmed reports show that the show is expected to proceed in any way in the 1950s. Official poster The project created by Andy Park seems to support the rumor. MCU veterans Kat Dennings and Randall Park also ThorWith Darcy Lewis Ants and WaspsJimmy Wu. Reportedly this series Strange doctor in the universe of madness, Scarlet Witch plays an important role

Falcon and Winter Soldier

MCU veterans Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie will repeat their roles as Winter Soldier and Falcon, respectively. Empire Director Malcolm Spellman and Kari Skogland (Granddaughter's story).

The series expects the lead character to cover new roles and relationships with Captain America. Final steps. Emily Van Camp will once again play Sharon Carter at the show. Captain America: Civil War Baron Helmut epilation of villain Daniel Brühl will return to fill the role of the great evil. Falcon and Winter Soldier It will also introduce rival Super Solder USA agents to MCUs. He will play Rupert Wyatt.

Marvel sheep

Superhero Fangirl and Teen Superhero Kamala Kahn Officially Goes Through MCU Marvel sheepShow your future on a big screen. In the comics, Kamala uses her power to change shape and size to fight crime while at the same time trying to live a regular life as a young American Muslim, and we expect the show to mine a similar territory.

She hulk

Jennifer Walters is not a talented New York attorney. She is also a cousin of Bruce Banner and shares the gamma-ray radiating ability thanks to blood injection. Hulk Jen follows Jen's life both inside and outside the courtroom, and has the potential to be the most interesting MCU item yet. In the comics, Jen practiced the "superhuman law" at times and sometimes broke the fourth wall of the Deadpool style comedy.

Moon knight

The billionaire Mark Specter of the vigilante looks cut-out, but looks loose. In addition to super villains, Moon Knight must fight psychosis, which takes the form of several personalities that take over the body by momentary notice. Moon Knight is a dark and rough character compared to other MCUs, and the Disney + series can still be the perfect medicine for fans to hurt Netflix's precious Marvel spinoff.

if … ?

Series Disney Plus Marvel Comics

According to a March report, an animated series based on Marvel's alternative universe if … ? I'm also developing a comic for a streaming service. An anthology-style series tells a stand-alone story that explores what can happen when certain events develop differently in Marvel's film world.

For example, in one episode, Peggy Carter receives Super Soldier serum and becomes "Captain Carter" instead of Steve Rogers, demonstrating what would happen if a desolate Brooklyn child was forced to wear the armor created by Howard Stark. Photorealistic MCU actors need to voice the character in the animated series.


ABC's muffin revival didn't last long, but Disney MuffetThis is a short, unscripted series starring Jim Henson's lovely misfit. Muffet It will be premiered in 2020, and Kermit the Frog will release more information as permitted by the Justice Joe.

Disney channel

Ridge McGuire

Hilary Duff returns to the role that became famous for the new series by creator Terri Minsky. In the new series, the sequel to Disney Channel Original, Lizzie must explore a 30-year-old life working as a decorator's assistant in New York City. Also coming back? Lizzie's animated alternative ego.

High School Musical: Musical: Series

High School Musical: Musical: Series It's not a sequel. It is actually a show about students in the "real world" trying high school production. High School Musical, Is the musical itself but still confused? If you have heard High school musicalDon't worry about so many soundtracks that & # 39; Breaking Free & # 39; High School Musical: Musical: Series It features a soundtrack full of new songs and an old favorite remix.

Phineas and Ferb: Candice for the Universe

this Phineas and Ferb Candace, the sister of the popular Disney brothers, is a feature-length Disney film featuring Disney alien abductions and attempts by Pineas and Ferb to bring Candace back to Earth. Yes, sounds the same Phineas and Ferb OK.

Nat Geo content

Disney + will also offer non-Disney content from Fox's magazines and affiliate TV businesses, including materials from National Geographic. Currently, this slate includes previously broadcast National Geographic content and two original series produced for Disney +. in According to Jeff Goldblum, the world Eccentric learning around the world… The magic of the animal world Learn Disney's animal and animal care professionals from Animal Kingdom Park and the Epcot Sea Base Aquarium.

Unscripted series

In April, reports show that Disney + is developing 10 unscripted series for the streaming platform. The projects include the following:


Nice place and Veronica Mars Actress Kristen Bell works as a producer for this series, bringing together cast mates from high school musicals as adults to recreate the original performances.

Marvel's 616

The Anthology documentary series explores the heritage of Marvel's stories, figures and creators, as well as "historical, cultural and social contexts inseparable from the stories of Marvel Universe."


Creators of Chef & # 39; s table Get ready for a series of film documentaries that follow conservationists and those who change the way they look at the animal kingdom, including the animals they have dedicated to studying.

Become our chef

Angela Kinzie office Host a Disney-inspired cooking competition and ask participants to create a "family-friendly dish through Disney lenses."

Movie ruins: the iconic art of the film

An anthology series to explore props and costumes that made the movie unique.

Marvel Hero Project

The series illuminates the inspiring children who dedicate their lives to acts of selfless courage and kindness.

(Re) connect

Families who have reached their goals receive the help they need in this series to explore the problems that lead them and how to solve them.

A bad trip

Bob Woodruff and 27-year-old Dockfeller son Mack take this travel guide to everywhere that ordinary tourists are unlikely to venture out.

Shop class

Competition series of original students who are responsible for designing, building and testing new students.

Untitled Walt Disney Imagineering Documentary Series

The show chronicles the history of Walt Disney imagination and the people, crafts and businesses behind Disney's theme park magic.

Original show and movie

Female President's Diary

Jane Virgin Stagina Gina Rodriguez produces and stars a 30-minute comedy for a Cuban-American teenager who will be president of the United States later in her life.


In this Christmas comedy, Bill Harder and Anna Kendrick star about the children of Santa Claus. Nick (Hader), the heir to Santa's toy delivery empire, suffers a nervous breakdown and runs away from the North Pole, forcing his sister Nuel (Kendrick) to chase him in the “real” world. Noel It will be released in time for the holiday season at Disneyland in November 2019.

Lady and tramp

Trying to recreate all of Disney's classic animation features isn't limited to theaters. Disney + Lady and tramp Lost in the way and tells the story of an upper class kennel featuring stacked voice casts including Tessa Thompson, Justin Teru, Sam Elliott and Janelle Mona. community Yvette Nicole Brown and Ken Jung.

Star girl

Do not confuse it with the same name as the upcoming DC Universe series. Star girl Jerry Spinelli's YA novel and Grace Vanderwaal are young women who teach a teenage teenager called Leo more important than popular.

Timmy failed: there was a mistake

Tom McCarthy's latest film nominated for Oscars as director spotlight (And I wrote it to get someone else), focusing on the little boy's efforts to uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of the half hamster.


Based on a real story, this Willem Defoe vehicle tells the story that a sled dog and his owner must race in a 700-mile Alaskan wilderness to deliver medicine to a small village surrounded by a deadly disease.


New series in the world of Disney and Pixar Monster Corporation It is in work. A new show will be called Monster at work 6 months later Monster, Inc. Series Star Billy Crystal and John Goodman will return to voice again Monster CorporationVery attractive heroes, Mike and Sully. They join a colleague monster John Ratzenberger, Bob Peterson and Jennifer Tilly and the franchise startup Ben Feldman (supermarket), Kelly Marie Tran (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Comedy legend Henry Winkler. The official logo of the show was released in June.

Disney + also has two Toy story Both jets are connected this summer Toy story 4. Forky asks a question Forky, Toy story 4& # 39; What is love? & # 39 ;, & # 39; What is the time? & # 39 ;, & # 39; What is the cheese? & # 39;

meantime, Lamp life It explains what happened to Bo Peep, Woody's one-time love interest. Toy story 2 and Toy story 4. The porcelain lamp that Annie Potts made a sound Toy story 3 Return to the sequel this summer with a very different vibe.

Disney catalog

Old things…

Disney CEO Bob Iger argued at the investor conference that every single film in the Disney catalog "will arrive in Disney + shortly after launch." Previously, Disney had limited releases of the most popular animated films in home video. Time basis to make them feel more special. But when Disney + arrives, the so-called Disney “Vault” will disappear.

With Disney + you can see the following favorites Aladdin, Lion King, fantasiaScore other people whenever you want. Great for families, Disney nerds and animated buffs.

… And new

The initial report also suggests the studio's next film slate. Frozen 2, Toy story 4, Star Wars: Episode IX, And live-action remake of Jon Favreau Lion King — There will be exclusive streaming availability for the service. Captain marvel It will be the first Disney film that the company will maintain its monopoly after the opening of the theater, and the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film not available on Netflix.

Disney also announced a new plan Chip and Dale An animated series featuring a squirrel duo (see image above). The series consists of 39 episodes of 7 minutes each, following the "ups and downs of two little creatures living in a big city".


All 30 seasons Simpson You can use this service thanks to Disney's Fox property argument.

Other Rumor Series and Movies

There are rumors that Disney + is also developing a series or movie based on the following properties:

  • Three boys and a baby
  • Don Quixote
  • Bride's father
  • Flora and Ulysses
  • Honey, I reduced the children.
  • Magic camp
  • Paper magician
  • Parent Trap
  • Sand Lot
  • Sword of stone

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