Digital Trends Live: Politics, AMC Streams, Dell XPS 13 and More

In this digital trend live episode, Greg Nibler and Drew Prindle hosts some of the best in the art, including political technology, AMC's on-demand streaming service, Virgin and new spacesuits for NASA and more. Discuss big trend stories.

Then welcome Sam Slaughter from The Manual to talk about the best spirits of America and the best crafts made in America.

Mike Sample, a diving safety expert at Liberty Mutual Insurance, talks with us about continuing to focus on loa, and how distracted driving is still a big problem despite cell phone bans.

Nibler has a first-hand experience with the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, the first laptop with Intel's Ice Lake processor, tested with DT Ling's computing editor Luke Larsen.

Katz, a semi-editing editor at DT, joins Nibler to discuss technology and the topic of China, and discusses how protest protests in Hong Kong have attracted attention from Beijing to the US technology company.

Finally, with comedian Billy Wayne Davis, we talk about social media, write new material, and make America's best cannabis.

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