Digital Trends Live: PlayStation 5 Leak, Zuckerberg, Attend Congress

In this digital trend live episode, Greg Nibler and Hanni Jackson organizers planned to leak PlayStation 5 photos, Mark Zuckerberg to testify before Virginia's snack-delivered drones, Congress, and NASA's expansion Dig into some of the most popular technical topics, including dietary habitats. Artificial skin phone case.

Nibler talks with Jordan Zietz of the All-Star eSports League, a game league that serves as a feeder system for college esports teams.

Then use Google Pixel 4 to look at winning cameras and battery life.

Gene Wang, co-founder and chief executive officer of PowerPeople, participated in the show to discuss IoT smart home devices and the support of living for the elderly.

Finally, Nibler talks with Othniel Mbamalu, founder and CEO of Advanced Rockets Corporation, about the proliferation of reusable rockets and space debris.


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