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CVS and UPS join forces to deliver drones to customers' homes

If the CVS is in an emergency, a delivery drone flying in the sky carrying emergency supplies of toilet paper may soon happen.

On Monday, the retail pharmacy conglomerate announced that it has worked with shipping specialists UPS to develop drone delivery services for their customers.

The plan includes UPS Flight Forward, which aims to quickly expand drone transportation operations in a variety of markets, with a variety of products made by shipping companies in July 2019.

The CVS / UPS partnership seeks to deliver prescription drugs and a variety of retail products to the home of CVS Pharmacy customers.

Scott Price, senior strategy and transformation officer at UPS, said, “Previous industrial accidents have been confined to ground transportation technology and now we think in three dimensions.

Kevin Hourican, Chairman of CVS Pharmacy, added that his company is always striving to improve customer convenience through a faster, lower cost and more efficient delivery model. . Drone Delivery Options with UPS ”

CVS and UPS did not mention when or where to begin shipping drones. Having a great impact on obtaining the necessary permits from the Federal Aviation Administration, these aircraft have strict rules for commercial drone services, such as operating flight machines during daylight hours, away from people, within the pilot's gaze. Still remain.

Hospital delivery

UPS is already testing drone transportation services to transport medical samples between Wake Med Hospital facilities in Raleigh, North Carolina. We also devised a fascinating concept design that launches drones from the top of delivery trucks and speeds delivery with the driver.

UPS says it wants to go beyond current partnerships and use drones to transport drones to other items in more industries.

Wing drone delivery

News about the CVS / UPS plan says that the alphabet-owned Wing has launched a pilot service where another major drone player offers over-the-counter medicines to the city's customers with snacks and gifts. A few days have passed since the announcement. Virginia Christiansburg

Working with FedEx Express and Walgreens for this service, Wing is conducting drone delivery trials in Australia and Europe.

Amazon is also developing a drone delivery platform and earlier this year unveiled the latest design of a flying machine that could deliver customer orders to the front door all day.

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