Committee formed to ensure proper disposal of hospital waste in Sindh

Dr. Azra Pechuho said the Minister of Health and Welfare, Sind Health and Welfare, formed Friday an infection prevention and control committee to prevent hospitals and vowed that hospital waste would be smuggled from health facilities and not sold in the market. No longer allowed

“Main hospitals have their own incinerators and it is the hospital manager's responsibility to properly dispose of all medical waste generated within the hospital. We have informed the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Commission to investigate this issue because unsafe injection practices and poor infection control have recently caused the outbreak of HIV in La Canara de Loro.

She talked in detail about the actions taken by the local health department to prevent local epidemics, and from now on, 75-80{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} of syringes to be purchased by the health department will be self-locking. Ordinary syringes can be purchased only in small quantities for mixed solutions and other necessary purposes.

“We also began training hospital staff, from caretakers to nurses and paramedics, doctors and other staff on infection prevention and control, because it causes serious problems and concerns,” she said. Begins for those involved in the unsafe disposal of hospital waste in the province.

Regarding the hospital's lack of medicines due to delays in procurement, she has no intention of purchasing a doctor's medicine on her own, because the hospital's medical supervisors and other officials are not willing to buy their own medicine because of fear of peak court orders and the National Bureau of Responsibility (NAB). I was asked to monitor the procurement process and refused to monitor the process.

“But a bid for central procurement of medicines was issued and the Central Procurement Commission began the procurement process. We hope that the procurement process will be completed within a few weeks and the medicines will be available in hospitals and health facilities. ”

The Minister of Health responded to questions about the availability of Anti-Rabies Vaccine (ARV), arguing that even if the country lacks ARV, it can be used in several major and small health facilities in Sind. She added that medical supervisors at all hospitals were asked to keep the health department up to date if ARV was not available in any area.

She said the Aman Foundation's suspension of ambulance service prevented funding for the Aman Foundation due to some technical issues since June, but the prime minister approved a new summary to fund Aman. Foundation. She hoped that the renamed ambulance would soon return to urban roads.

“The Aman Foundation was unable to continue service in Karachi and asked the Sind government to pay for operations and human resources. We agreed, but we funded it through the Patient Assistance Foundation (PAF) to make it more transparent. Now that PAF is supported, I have an Aman Foundation and another MoU, and a summary of funding has been approved. ”

According to one question, she added that she would not know if she was paid to provide a variety of radiation services to patients in the radiology department of public hospitals and added that she would investigate. “Jinner Postmedical Medical Center (JPMC) offers free cyber knife and PET scanning services, which are praised at home and abroad. But if someone charges for another service, I will investigate. ”

The Minister of Health recently argued that Karachi suffered from several types of infectious diseases due to rain and garbage piles, and that, in cooperation with other departments, special wards were established in the hospital while the health department performed fumigation. Treat patients with dengue fever

"Punjab suffers a dengue fever incident reported at Sinds throughout the year but unfortunately Sind is focusing on everything," she said. If all three ambulances are away from the doctor when they are away to save the patient in another part of the city.



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