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Colby Nobington threatens hitting face with UFC belt & # 39; Dana White & # 39;

Don't expect Dana White UFC president to wrap a UFC belt around the waist of Colby Covington.

Covington assured White that he would not give him the first prize.

Corbin Turn said, “I can tell someone who doesn't wrap around my waist. Submission radio. "When he tries to wrap my waist, take the belt and hit it with the face."

“This is a chance to actually push the butt of the UFC. Guys, I do not talk about you. Now you must come to me. ”Howl. “So I will beg you to bring me back on December 14th and call me. If you don't come next time, you don't have to fight again You already have a lot of money in your bank account so you don't have to fight again. I'm building several 6 figure sponsors from Bang Energy, the CBD company and the bet website. So I'm making more money as a sponsor than Marty Fakenewsman can earn in this fight. ”

Covington also opposed White's claim that Covington was responsible for the title fight falling from UFC 244.

“Everything he says is never true, and as the president said, truth is the power of nature. And I work really and he works with lies. There is a difference between me and Dana White. It's the truth and the lie. Honestly, I don't care what he says. He always has a lot to say and no longer pays attention to him. I have less to say because he doesn't follow him on any social media platform. ” "Dana White needs a brain test because his brain can be identified and there may be a CTE."

UFC 245 goes down in Las Vegas on December 14th.



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