Cody Garbrandt Starts Back to Top in March

Following the whirlwind of Cody Brandt's four UFC bantamweight titles in 2016, “No Love” has struggled to stay healthy for the past three years. He put it in the cage only once a year in 2017, 2018 and 2019, and all three fights ended with KO or TKO. The hope that he should look back to 2019 ended with a torn tendon in August.

But now Garbrandt sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Manager's Domination In an interview with MMA Fighting during MMA Media Day, the former 135-pound champion presented his return schedule and explained how he hyped up during the year.

“You will see me soon,” says Brandt. “I have hardly hurt two other tendons since last March. If my body and mind are feeling it, I hope there is hope in March or earlier. I'm glad to visit again. I can't wait. "

"You can't understand, love and respect something until it's really gone." “And it was temporarily gone because of the injury. The loss I can deal with, but the injury … takes a bit. The healing process and health are two different things. What is expected of that year to stay healthy in 2020? Challenges and enemies I have. To the top ”

Now he will have to be satisfied with the various guys. This includes pitbull breeding (morally suspicious, but pretty lovely in what can be said in the video above) and tattooing.

In another interview with TMZ, Garbrandt described the time he spent 25 hours at the table doing a huge back tattoo. To complicate the trial further, it was the stem cell injection treatment on the spine just before the tattoo artist called him.

"When he took a stem cell injection, the guy who got the shot … woo!" "That's made a little bit of your idiot!"


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