Cellular service to remain partially suspended, pillion riding banned for chehlum security in Karachi – Pakistan

Karachi police chief, additional inspector general Ghulam Nabi Memon, described on Saturday the security measures taken to chehlum Imam Husain tomorrow (Sunday), which includes a strong police deployment, the suspension of mobile phone services and the ban on riding in the passenger seat.

The AIG said that up to 5,313 police officers would perform security tasks during the chehlum. According to the finalized security plan, 18 SP (police superintendents) and 43 DSP (deputy police superintendents) would be deployed at different security points.

Inspection doors have also been installed at six entry points of the main chehlum procession that will be monitored through CCTV cameras.

The city police chief said mobile services would remain partially suspended on Sunday, particularly along the main procession route.

Separately, DIG Amir Farooqi, who oversees the city's East Zone, chaired a security meeting during the chehlum in his office

The DIG ordered the officers to remain present at their respective service points and not leave it until the next order. He also issued instructions for the timely supply of food to the police deployed for security tasks.

Prohibition of horse riding, weapons display, gathering of people.

The Sindh Housing Department imposed a ban on riding in the passenger seat in Karachi and other parts of the province on the day of chehlum, according to a notification issued by the Minister of Interior, Abdul Kabir Kazi.

In addition to the ban on riding in the passenger seat, the provincial government also imposed a ban on carrying / displaying weapons / firearms, lathis (wooden sticks), axes, explosive material / cookies, and signs inscribed with political / religious slogans.

In addition, it is prohibited to reproduce / possess audio or video that contains provocative speeches and initiates sectarian hatred.

The assembly of five or more people except for chehlum, taziaor majalis It has also been banned without permission from the corresponding authority.

The secretary of the Interior explained that these measures were taken following the recommendations of the district administration and the police, who suggested that "taking into account the prevailing situation of law and order, it is necessary to adopt infallible security measures."

The official notification, citing the police, said "information has been received through reliable sources that some terrorists / anti-state elements are planning to carry out sabotage / terrorism activities during the chehlum programs to cause disturbances between different ethnic / religious groups and disturb peace and quiet. "

Therefore, the Sindh government has taken the steps mentioned "to maintain law and order throughout the province of Sindh and to avoid any adverse incident."

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1511754/cellular-service-to-remain-partially-suspended-pillion-riding-banned-for-chehlum-security-in-karachi


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