Carney: Brexit deal ‘positive’ for UK economy

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Media captionsDeal Eliminates Tail Risk of Chaotic Brexit

The Bank of England told the BBC that the new Brexit deal generated by the government was "welcome" and "net economically positive."

Mark Carney said the deal "removes the risk of a chaotic Brexit's tail."

But the Governor warned that the agreement would not boost the economy to the same degree as the one proposed by Boris Johnson's predecessor Theresa May.

President Johnson's deal will be voted on by the MPs on Saturday.

Mr. Kani said in a deal this week that "if other" future relations have had a positive impact on the economy as much as the deal proposed by Johnson predecessor Teresa May, "we should continue to watch."

Governor Carney said the economic results will not "overlap" with the closest version of the previous Theresa May deal, when pressured by the impact of additional customs checks that could arise from distant relations with the EU that are expected by the new contract. Diplomacy. "

"The new economic partnership is still in negotiations," said Carney. "There is still a wide range of potential relationships that could be based on this deal, but it will eliminate these risks in the short term."

"If we were in the G20 room last night in a situation like the global economic outlook around the world, it was universally welcomed that this progress was made because the world is in jeopardy." I agree with that feature. "

The Secretary of the Alien himself, Sajid Zabid, had little diplomatic stance. The Ministry of Finance declined to recalculate its impact assessment. At the time of some free trade agreements, some MPs requested a small economy in the free trade agreement.

This decision was criticized by those who thought that MP should have an updated version that affects the deal.

Catherine McKinnell, MP, interim chairman of the Treasury Board, asked the superintendent to release an updated economic analysis prior to Saturday's vote.

"The Treasury Board asked HM Treasury whether the government had updated its economic analysis on Brexit three months ago. But we are still waiting for a response," she said.

"It seems to be an attempt to avoid supervision. If the superintendent does not provide updates to the committee, we can assume that the existing analysis is valid."


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