Cain Velazquez enters WWE Championship

Former UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez retired from MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) last week and withdrew his name from the US Doping Control (USADA) test pool.

After the AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) product began a new career as a professional wrestler and dazzled people at AAA, Velasquez wrote a pen on paper with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

That doesn't mean you leave without saying goodbye.

Velasquez said: “Thank you UFC, our family, friends and all our fans for the last 11 years. Twitter. “Thanks to all my coaches, team members and agents. I'm really blessed to have a job that I do what I absolutely love. I wanted to be a fighter since I was a junior in college, and after graduating from college I started my journey of becoming a fighter with the goal of being a UFC heavyweight champion. ”

Velasquez won the crown with a first-round elimination of fellow WWE charm Brock Lesnar in UFC 121 Pay-Per-View-View (PPP) approximately nine years ago. His title reign will be remembered as a junior dos Santos trilogy along with a squash match with Antonio Silva.

Velasquez said, “There are very few people in this world who can say that I have achieved what I have, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities and positions that have been part of the UFC. "You've officially retired from UFC, so the next chapter is here."

This chapter begins with his Lesnar showdown at WWE. "Crown Jewel" headliner in Saudi Arabia later this month. The promotion made Velasquez look amazing. Smack Down! Debuted at FOX.

Velasquez said, “When I went to my first WWE show a year ago, I fell in love with the sport I watched and participated in as a child. “From that moment on, I went through a crash course on everything related to professional wrestling. I trained in other gyms, I want to admit after doing shows and watching more games, but I can honestly say that I am eating, sleeping and breathing. Sign the contract and head to the next goal, the Universal Champion. WWE Universe, thank you for your open arms. ”

I hate David Downer, but one of the reasons that Velasquez struggled in the late UFC career was repeated injury. And although he was not punished like this, the physical needs of WWE players can be taxed equally.

Velasquez turned 37 years old in July.


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