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If the government does not take advantage of the free funding for the first home purchase, it will be short.

This is because the purchase assistance Isa, which can pay up to 3,000 pounds with the government attached only a few lines, will close its new saver on November 30. If it is before that date, you can continue to spend money for 10 years.

So if you or your offspring are over 16 years old and never owned a house, but you want to do well in the future, you can sign up now and reserve a seat. You can open an account for at least £ 1 and don't have to pay monthly, so some may say it's not easy to get an account now before you stop selling.

But to confuse the matter a bit, there is another account that gives savers a lifetime government cash bonus called Isa. Should I get it instead – or should I take both out? Here we run through what you need to know.

What is Purchase Assistance Isa?

It started at the end of 2015 and accounts are available from banks and building associations. If you make savings for your first home purchase and invest money in buy assistance Isa, the government will increase your savings by 25%. So every time £ 200 is saved, the first time buyer will receive a £ 50 bonus.

Tell me more…

You can save up to 200 pounds a month, but when you start your account, you can deposit up to 1,200 pounds in a lump sum in the first month. The minimum government bonus is £ 400. In other words, at least 1,600 pounds must be stored in Isa before claiming the bonus. The maximum government bonus is £ 3,000. You need to save £ 12,000 to get it.

What should the money use?

Buy 250,000 pounds outside London or up to 450,000 pounds in capital. That price limit will be a problem for some. This place must be the only house, it can not be rented or used as a holiday home. However, the government does not cancel the bonuses of those who have to rent the property after the situation changes and as a result.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, you must be at least 16 years old and be the first buyer. Defined as someone who doesn't own a home in the UK or anywhere in the world. If you paid cash in this tax year, you will need to transfer it. Purchase Assistance Isa must be opened by the individual. You can't open it on behalf of others.

Can I open it with my partner?

If you plan to buy a house with someone who is also a first time buyer, you can open their own purchase assistance Isa. Therefore, a couple saving 24,000 pounds can receive an additional 6,000 pounds from the government.

What happens after November 30?

The new saver will no longer be available, but if you open your account before that, you can continue saving until November 2029 until further contributions to your account are near. You must claim the bonus by December 1, 2030.

Do I have to save £ 200 every month? no. Unless you exceed 200 pounds, the amount you save each month is up to you. However, you cannot roll over the allowance. So, not saving money in January and February doesn't mean you can save 600 pounds in March.

Purchase Assistance Can I withdraw money from Isa?

Yes, you can withdraw your money at any time.

How does it work with bonus money?

As you get closer to buying a property, you need to instruct your lawyer or carrier to apply. This cash is then added to the money going to the first house. However, buyers generally do not get a bonus at the exchange stage where they deposit a 5% or 10% deposit to ensure purchase. However, taking into account that bonus cash is in progress, you can have the seller agree to a small deposit at that time.

Is the interest I get included in my bonus?

Yes, the bonus is calculated based on the amount you have in your account when you close your account.

Who provides this Isas?

Many banks and building societies. Defaqto's ticket, a financial information company, is now Barclays, offering 2.58% interest on accounts that can be opened for $ 1. Suppliers currently paying 2.5% include Nationwide, NatWest, and Virgin Money.

Can i take advantage Isa forever?

Yes, you can save to both schemes if you meet the eligibility criteria. But when buying a house, you can only use one bonus. Lifelong directors can save for property or retirement. Discard up to 4,000 pounds each year and receive a 25% government bonus. If used to buy 450,000 pounds of the first home in the UK, you can withdraw money invested after or before the age of 60. Saber pays up to 128,000 pounds between the ages of 18 and 32 to receive a total of 32,000 pounds bonus. But to be eligible, you must be 18 to 39 years old. Money for the first time to buy a home, 60 years of age or older, or for other than terminal illness.



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