Booker Prize: Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo share award

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Media captionsMargaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo jointly became Booker Prize winners

Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo broke the rules by a judge judging the tie and were named co-winners of the 2019 Booker Prize.

The Testaments of Atwood, a Canadian writer's sequel to The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale, was recognized alongside Londoner Evaristo's novels Girl, Woman, and Other.

This pair literally divides the £ 50,000 prize money evenly.

Booker's rule says that prizes should not be divided, but the judge insisted that the two works "cannot be separated."

Atwood, 79, is the oldest winner of Booker, and Evaristo is the first black woman.

When their name was called, the pair stood on stage and Atwood joked. "I would have thought I was too old. So I'm very glad I didn't need to pay attention. You're getting some.

"If I had been here alone, I would have been very embarrassed. So I am very happy to come here too."

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Atwood praised Evaristo for encouraging black women writers

The rules of the award have changed since the last tie in 1992, and the organizers told judges of the year that they could not choose two winners.

But at the end of the five-hour deliberation, the judge chairman Peter Florence said:

& # 39; game changer & # 39;

He told reporters that "the more we talked about them, the more we loved them, so they both wanted to win."

Evaristo and Atwood spoke together on Tuesday morning's program on Radio 4 today.

Evaristo added that winning was a "real game changer."

"There are so many awards that people in a particular community can't win. Certainly blacks don't get a lot of literary prizes.

"Black woman never won [the Booker before]. Only four black women were on the candidate list, and about 300 books were on the candidate list.

"Happyly this gives a new direction to Booker and the judge they have. This year there were four female judges and one male.

"I hope more black women will win this award."

At Oude, native to Wood, “I'm happy to share with Bernadin… I want you to come to Canada and bring some warm clothes. ”

She told Evaristo: "What you have done is to make more black women think that writing is what they can do."

Atwood & # 39; more urgent than ever before

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It's been 19 years since Atwood won the Booker by The Blind Assassin and 33 years since he was nominated for The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale.

As the latter book enjoys new popularity and resonance against Donald Trump's American background, the New Testament is reborn 15 years after the end of the novel.

Back in Gilead, a totalitarian patriarch, Aunt Lydia, one of the nun's lecturers, and two teenage girls narrate.

Peter Florence said:

"together [Atwood] All the limbs are actually taking root, but it may look like a science fiction. Now it looks more politically urgent than ever before. "

The Testaments, published in September, is the best-selling hardback novel in four years, selling more than 100,000 copies in the first week in the UK.

Before the event, Atwood said victory was "a double-edged sword for me, but great for young people."

Breakthrough character of evaristo

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Girl, Woman, Other is Evaristo's eighth novel, 60 years old. The book provides a chapter on the lives of 12 entangled characters, mainly black British women.

"We know that black British women would not do it if we didn't write in literature," the author said.

Lesbian theater directors Amma, non-binary Morgan (formerly Megan), Barbadian bride Winsome, and Northumbrian farmer Hattie are among the characters featured in more than 100 years of books.

Peter Florence said that there are "very magical things" about the characters in the book.

"There are stories about people who are not noticeable in modern literature, and in that sense, the book is groundbreaking and hopes to inspire and inspire the rest of the publishing industry."

In her acceptance speech, Ebaristo hoped that it would not take long for another black woman to receive an award.

"It's really great to share this with this legendary and generous Margaret Atwood," she said.

"Many people don't know that's going to happen to me, saying it's the first black woman to win this award and hope it won't last long. I hope others will come. Forward. "

Evaristo began her career in the theater and co-founded the Black Women's Theater in 1982.

He also founded Spread the Word Writer Development Agency, Complete Works Mentoring Scheme for Color Poets, and the Brunel International African Poetry Prize. She received an MBE for literary service in 2009.

She called Girl, Woman, and Other "readable experimental novels." Experimental elements often come from authentic punctuation, which does not use quotation marks and capitalization.

Judge Showdown With Booker Boss

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Booker awards

Booker Award Rules state that awards may be "divided or not held".

The award was divided twice in 1974 and 1992, but the rules changed.

Gaby Wood, literary director of the Booker Prize Foundation, said, “The idea was not effective.

When Florence said five judges wanted a tie, she refused. The judge returned around the table.

Again, they told Wood that they wanted two winners. This time Wood called Baroness Kennedy QC, chairman of the Booker Prize Foundation.

The judge deliberated again. Florence said, "I tried to vote but it didn't work."

"There is a metaphor in our time. And even when the rebellion is in the air today, we would have been slightly moved by it."

The panel decided to consolidate its split decision. Ness Kennedy was called again.

"She's nothing we can do if that's what they choose," she said.

"We had to move forward."

Florence added that both of the books that are winning "must speak urgently".

He told reporters: To different levels of readership

"In that sense they are a really valuable Booker Prize winner."

Other candidate novels:

  • Lucy Elman-Duck, Newber Report
  • Chigozie Obioma-Orchestra of Minorities
  • Salman Rush Dee-Quichotte
  • Elif Shafak-10 minutes and 38 seconds in this strange world

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