The annual convention to celebrate Blizzard Entertainment's game library and new project announcement is imminent, and the BlizzCon 2019 schedule is overgrown. With the sequel announcement of two of the most successful franchises World of Warcraft.

Just like the annual BlizzCon festival swallow You can see If you want to attend in person, see all your favorite games and meet fellow Blizzard fans at the Anaheim Convention Center, you'll need to track your progress. Below, we've organized the entire schedule based on the information provided by Blizzard so that the user can get the maximum experience.

BlizzCon Free Game Festival

October 31 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT

BlizzCon 2019 Calendar Opening Panel Event 2018 Expected Features

Before BlizzCon 2019 officially begins, Blizzard will host a special gathering where fans can meet in the plaza outside the convention center, enjoy refreshments and plan with friends.

This is your best chance to chat with your Blizzard colleagues before the madness of BlizzCon 2019 begins. Overwatch and Diablo 3 You may want to pack the console in a switch.

Fair night

Oct 31st 4pm PT at 8pm PT

Offer Available only to those who have a dinner pass or portal pass, and at night you can get a special preview of the Darkmoon Faire area at Faire.

Participate in activities that are built as an "always night market" and buy free items before anyone else. The shining eyes of Archway leading to the market are terrible, but there seems to be a pin deal.

BlizzCon Benefit Dinner

October 31 at 7pm PT, 11pm PT

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Purchase a BlizzCon Benefits Dinner Pass to access the BlizzCon Benefits Dinner Thursday night. Tickets are expensive at $ 750 per pop, but all net proceeds are donated to CHOC children's organizations.

During dinner, you will have the opportunity to talk with Blizzard employees, including executives, artists and designers from the development team. The ticket also includes a signed printout, Portal Pass and reserved “myth stage” seats for the opening ceremony and Community Night.

BlizzCon 2019 Day One

Opening Ceremony: November 1st PT (PT) to noon (PT)

The opening ceremony, the biggest event at BlizzCon 2019, will be an opportunity for Blizzard not only to release new titles but also to release new games. Rumors and leaked spills point to two major game announcements. Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 — As well as extensions World of warcraft Reload one of the best villains in the game. The opening ceremony is also where Blizzard must resolve the debates surrounding the esports competition and ongoing Hong Kong protests.

Life at Blizzard: Career and Cultural Insights: November 1st at 2pm PT and 3pm PT

If you're wondering what it's like to work at Blizzard Entertainment, and you've ever wondered how you can achieve your goals, this panel is for you. Life at Blizzard: Career and cultural insights will focus on the path Blizzard employees work in the company and the day-to-day work. It's a panel you don't want to miss, especially if you've started developing games.

Blizzard Animation: Scene Setting Technique: Nov 1st 4:15 pm PT at 5pm PT

Blizzard has been producing Pixar-class animated short films and movies for years with amazing details and emotions. Artists from the story and franchise development department of the studio will discuss in detail how they are made through this panel. Overwatch, A game that builds your universe by relying almost exclusively on this video.

Cosplay Exhibition: Nov 15th 5:15 pm PT 6:15 pm PT

Cosplay is one of the biggest draws in BlizzCon, as it gives you the opportunity to dress up as a fan favorite character in the Blizzard franchise. The cosplay exhibition will show the best of the best, and an ambitious costume player will have to tune and note how to make the best costume. If there are rumors that a new game will be released, it will surprise you.

BlizzCon 2019 Day 2

PT November 2nd from 9:30 am to 10pm

How to see a blizzard 2018

Blizzard Art Studio: Diablo: November 2 to 10:15 AM PT

Drawing a Blizzard character can be particularly difficult because it is often very detailed and complex, but the process does not take hours. In this quick panel of Blizzard artists, you will learn how to draw tablo villains in a live demo. Are you ready to complete the speed run by the end?

Designer at Work: World of Warcraft World Creations: Nov 2, 1:30 pm PT 2:30 pm PT

Azeroth has continued to grow in the Warcraft content of the last decades, and in this panel, how did Blizzard's team of world and level designers each World of warcraft As a symbolic and unique environment, this will start with the concept of the realm and end with completion. This gives players a taste of what to expect in the next expansion of the game.

Overwatch Voices: Nov 2 at 5:15 pm PT at 6:15 pm PT

This panel is not at noon, but gives you the opportunity to listen to the actor's opinions, which will help you get the list. Overwatch To life. An hour's voice Overwatch The panel includes several members of the cast, providing insights into how they survived the game. Given your sense of voice, it will be a fun and fun time.

The sports final

The final round of competition for Blizzard's various esports games will also take place on November 1 and 2. Below are the games, final time and places to see.

  • StarCraft World Championship Series: Nov 1 noon PT Official Starcraft Channel
  • World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International: Nov 1 6:30 PM PT of the Official Warcraft Channel
  • Hearthstone Global Finals: November 2 at 3 pm Hearthstone Official Channel PT
  • World of Warcraft Arena World Championship: November 2 at 6:45 pm PT on Official Warcraft Channel
  • Overwatch World Cup: November 2 at 7:15 pm PT of the Official Overwatch League Channel

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