Bigg Boss Meera Mithun to get married?

Mummy Mitoon Bikini 1

The controversial Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contender Meera Mithun alluded to a wedding, claiming that she is currently busy working in Bollywood. Her recent tweets made such a guess.

News report on social media where Meera decided to marry an old friend again. After several users celebrate Meera, Meera quotes one of the tweets and says “Thank you. That's right. God always does my best to me. ”She hasn't revealed details yet, but she confirmed that she is married.

Meera Mithun, after releasing several tweets and videos recently, claimed that she was covering some of the co-partners with an interest in social media. She complained about the Mugen Rao winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season 3. Revealing some of the details that happened in the house, people can't accept him as a winner.


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