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Bigg Boss Contestant Raiza Wilson Sizzles in Her Latest Sexy Photoshoot, Exclusive Pictures Revealed!

Liza Wilson Pick
Liza Wilson Pick

Kollywood heartthrob Raiza Wilson is gaining popularity across social media. Raiza Wilson, the latest photograph by popular photographer Tarun Koliyot, is gaining popularity on the Internet. Liza is a famous model and actress of South Indian film brotherhood. Liza became famous for her participation in Miss India and starring in the Tamil reality show Bigg Boss Tamil.

Raiza saw a glare in her pastel green gown. Her fans liked the splendid appearance that is currently sensational on social media.

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Liza's main breakthrough in the film took place with her debut film Velaiilla Pattadhari 2 & # 39; with her debut film, Dajush. Raiza worked with Harish Kalyan in “Pyaar Prema Kaadhal”. Raiza's upcoming movie is Varma.

The latest photo shoot stills of Kollywood actress Raiza Wilson by photographer woodTarun Koliyot. Liza Wilson is a model and actress from South India. She is also a former participant in Miss Miss India and was named HICC Femina Miss South Beautiful Smile. She gained fame following her appearance on Tamil reality TV shows. Raiza first appeared in the blockbuster hit film & # 39; Velaiilla Pattadhari 2 & # 39 ;, a personal assistant for Bollywood actress Kajol.
And she starred in "Pyaar Prema Kaadhal" opposite Harish Kalyan. She is currently working on a new project called “Varma”. After getting a good response to the movie "Pyaar Prema Kaadhal" in Tamil.



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