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Streaming entertainment is bigger than ever, and with so many streaming services adding new shows and movies every week, it's almost impossible to tell good from evil. If you need to see and don't want to put a digital yoke on the Internet Shore, follow the recommendations below to find the best new shows and movies to stream on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon and other services. .

This week's list: warden I got a distant sequel and Steven Soderbergh deals with Panama Papers and more.

Laundry room

Director Steven Soderbergh Ocean's ElevenAnd he now investigates the robbers of different personalities in The Laundromat, revealing the dramatic Panama Paper spill in 2015. These documents showed the public extensively the networks that rich people use to hide their incomes and activities from the world government. The film focuses on the widow Ellen Martin (Maryl Strip), who is in crisis of insurance fraud. The film goes beyond various different perspectives to convey the vast and complex corruption of the financial industry.

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If the horror movie is exhausted this October Ellie, The latest scary movie is on Netflix. The film follows the title Young Man (Charlie Shotwell), who is struggling with a situation that must be isolated from the outside world. To save him desperately, Eli's parents register him for experimental treatment within the annoying mansion. Just as medical expenses are not scary enough, Eli is soon obstructing the sight of a ghost in his residence. The Netflix horror movie was hit or missed Ellie At least there are enough novels to intrigue.

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Living with yourself

Is it better than casting Paul Rudd as the best man in your show? How about casting him twice? Living with yourself Unhappy with his life, Schlub Miles Elliot (Rudd) decided to pay for a radical cure that promised to make him a better man. Certainly, Miles wakes up after feeling like a new man. Because he is one. He is a flawless clone of the original. He was successful in all the things Old Miles failed (work, marriage), but there is one problem. Old Miles survived treatment and wants to get his life back. Living with yourself It's an interesting mix of science fiction and sitcoms, and Rudd is great in its main role.

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Letter Kenny Season 7

The most fun show in the world for rural Canadians, Letter Kenny Small villages of the same name include farmers (called “hicks”), drug addicts (“skids”), hockey athletes, and indigenous people. The protagonist of the show is a collection of chicks participating in all sorts of high-jinks: Jared Keeso, Katy (Michelle Mylett), Daryl (Nathan Dales), Squirrely Dan (K. Trevor Wilson). This show has fanatic energy so you can keep it fun even if you don't know the language.

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Watchman Series Premiere

Alan Moore's iconic graphic novel fan warden Given the bad performance of the film dealing with Moore's work, you may have a dumb experience with the idea of ​​another attempt to expand the original story. No need to worry Held by Damon Lindellov (Leftovers, lost), HBO's new series is an impressive piece that takes a new approach. Decades after the end of the graphic novel, the show takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Robert Redford has been president of the era of peace and stability since the early 90s. Masked guards were banned, but racist groups where the 7th Cavalry was idealized warden Battle against a group of masked heroes and police, including the characters Rorschach, Sister Night (Regina King).

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