Best show on Amazon Prime (October 2019)

Amazon's prime video service has been a long way since its first offering free movies and TV shows to prime members a few years ago. In the past, a fairly insufficient catalog grew into products that would love Hulu and Netflix. This is especially true if you own a Fire TV Cube.

As a popular licensed program originalAmazon offers the ability to provide almost any TV fan with an increasing list of original content. If you are looking for a new program to binge but aren't sure which one is right for you, look for a list of the best Amazon Prime TV shows. After all, Amazon Prime has much more than free shipping.

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A good sign

A co-production of BBC Studio and Amazon Studio, this six-part series revises the fantasy novels of the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. The series follows the angels and demons, played by Michael Sheen (Sex master) And David Tennant (Doc Luke) The comfort life on earth is threatened by the impending apocalypse. The pair must team up to prevent the ascension of the antichrist and the war between heaven and hell.

The impressive cast of this series is filled with Jon Hamm, Michael McKean, Miranda Richardson, Adria Arjona, Nick Offerman, Jack Whitehall and other familiar faces. The book, like its inspired book, is full of quirky and original humor that filters through the clever lens of human history and biblical mythology.


Comrade detective

As the Cold War grew warmer in the 1980s, American pop culture produced rich films that expressed the anxiety and patriotism of that era. Red dawnOr less known of 1985 American invasion (Starring Chuck Norris). Comrade detective In order to enhance the aesthetics of the 80's action cinema and destroy the communist order, we filter them through the (silent) communist lens, according to a pair of Romanian detectives who investigated the plot of Western imperialists.

Written as a real show in Romania, called English in the voices of actors such as Channing Tatum and Joseph-Gordon Levitt, the show begins with Detective Gregor Anghel (a policeman who plays according to his own rules but gets results). ) And his partner bursting drug dealers, shooters can shoot Anghel's partner. For revenge, Anghel and his new partner, Iosif Baciu, hunted down murderers and tripped over a plot of international proportions. Comrade detective It's a strange show by a parody wrapped in the original standard of modern television, even a layer of fake authenticity, but its strange charm is worth it.


Amazing Mrs Maisel

If you want to see a star born, stop doing it in Rachel's work by Miriam "Midge" Maisel in a 1950s comedy and stop doing it. Amazing Mrs Maisel. Midge is a housewife who has a career in stand-up comedy after her husband Joe Maisel (Michael Zegen) suddenly left her.

After a drunken, improvised and mile-mile-up stand-up set where Midge ends up being arrested, the difficult place employee Susie Myerson (Alex Borstein) takes Midge under the wings to form a rough diamond. The show took the Golden Globe home for the debut season's best golden comedy or musical series, while Brosnahan brought home the statue for the best actress in a comedy or musical. If you haven't heard about this ingenious series yet, it will probably be soon.



This is evidence of how fun HBO works. Pip Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won an Emmy Award for her outstanding lead actress in the comedy series for a year after the show's 2012 debut. Louis-Dreyfus plays the self-centered but lovely loser Selina Meyers, initially vice president, cheerfully working through federal bureaucracy. The main source of the humorous humor of the show is its favorable opinion, which claps for creativity and often throws with such originality that you often get messed up. It's time to start one of the best comedy series in this decade.



This sitcom classic is located in Boston and is mainly held in the bar. CheersVarious characters come together to work or take place at the bar. The legendary cast alone is enough reason to watch major comedy series including Ted Danson, Shelly Long, Woody Harrelson, Kelsey Grammer, and many other celebrities at the show, winning an amazing 28 Emmy Awards.

The show had an intense lineup of comedians, so everyone couldn't put it in the bar. Fraser, Served with Grammer as psychiatrist Frasier Crane. During the 11th season Cheers It was one of the gold seats of TV sitcoms, and everyone still knows its name.


Flight of concord

Chasing the dreams of music stardom can be wonderful and inspirational. It can also be a series of unfortunate events. Flight of concord It was demonstrated for two seasons at HBO. At the show, Bret (Bret McKenzie) and Jermaine (Jermaine Clement) began to realize how difficult it was to perform in New York as two musicians who wanted to make a big blow in the United States.

The comical timing and relationship of the stars Flight of concordBut the duo is an ingenious way to weave songs into episode plots to expose the episodes ingeniously. Wow Flight of concordYou'll get a great comedy series and a few songs at the same time. How can you win?



Those who saw Fox in the early 2000s can have vague memories of the short superhero sitcom. mite A blue superhero, played by Patrick Warburton, deals with the same villains and awkward situations (based on the manga of the same name). Amazon mite Warburton is inconspicuous (and sadly) a new adaptation to the franchise, but retains the comical sense of humor.

The show investigates a plot involving a superhero named The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz) and his colleague Arthur (Griffin Newman) fighting crime and the notorious supervillain The Terror (Jackie Earle Haley). mite It is an optimistic cleanser after many more superhero stories for many years.



Sometimes introverts, feel good, others are absurd and brutal. fleabag Ignore easy classification. For fun moments like the intro, an elegant and extended original that ends with a sudden sex joke, it's one of the sharpest comedies (Season 2 won the 2019 Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series). It runs all the flows of sadness The show follows a woman known only as “Fleabag” (Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who took Emmys home for acting and writing), a neurotic woman who had a failed business and disastrous personal life.

The term flea instantly reminiscent of a filth image, and the protagonist's problems go deeper than her name. A selfish, wanted, obsessive liar, she mingles with various antiheroes who have become popular on television. peculiarly fleabag Do not keep damaged leads away. She often talks directly with her viewers with a frenzied monologue and gives insight into her quiet mind.


Mississippi One

The death of a loved one does not look like the most auspicious beginning of the comedy series, Mississippi One Not existing Featuring the comedian Tig Notaro as a fictional virtual edition, the show depicts several tragedies in real life. Fictional Tig, still suffering from breast cancer, returns to his hometown in Mississippi, witnesses his mother's escape from life support, and decides to maintain a relationship with her stepfather and brother. Despite the gloomy first chapter Mississippi One It's not a constant drama. The show evenly balances sadness and joy and investigates the long and up-and-down progression of trauma and recovery.


family tree

Chris O & # 39; Dowd plays Tom Chadwick. The items lead to the quest to discover his roots, and he embarks on a fun sincerity and concentration. An elderly friend and his sister-the latter, who rely on hand puppets for the (relative) spirit-help him with an antique story owner and his best friend. Tom has gone a long way in his journey to find his family, but the figures always depend on the imaginary style of creator Christopher Guest and the merciful use of humor. The show has been reduced to prime minister, so it only consists of one season.


I'm bored to death

I'm bored to death Licenseless swordsman Jonathan Schwartzman and his friends cross the border between lithograph comedy and Noir Spoof, trying to solve the case when Ames doesn't have trouble writing. The aesthetics of the show are appropriate and contrasting for comedian Neo Noir, and Woody Allen fans will appreciate the incompetent humor. Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis are the actual scene thieves of the show. The series was produced by graphic book novelist Jonathan Ames. Pretty meta.



Original series made by Amazon transparent Follow Maura Pfefferman (Jeffrey Tambor), a transgender woman who comes to her family. The show is not simply content with presenting a new premise, but explores the relationship and nerves between Maura and her children. The show that never shakes in attempts to mine the depths of the human state is a bold product from Amazon. transparent It's also the first show of a streaming service that won the Golden Globe for Best Series, which fits well into the future of Amazon's original content.

Allegations of sexual harassment against Tambor gave dampers to the future of the show (and some of its essence), but if you can see the past, it's a truly special series.


Curb your passion

Rumor has it that the most important force behind the years Saint Felt It wasn't protest comedians, it was Larry David, a riddle of sitcoms. This suspicion seems to be much more grounded after David's dealing with his series. Curb your passion. like Saint Felt, Curb your passion The main character (in this case Larry David himself) will be in a normal and often awkward situation. David is a competent performer, and improvised conversations give him and the rest of the cast the opportunity to show comedy movies.

Entering in six years, the series has returned to its well-known ninth season in 2017, with the 10th season scheduled for 2020.


Rescue me

Rescue meWe take a half-depth look at the lives of firefighters in New York, originally aired by FX. Denis Leary, also the creator of the show, is a headline like Tommy Gavin, who suffers from the guilt of PTSD and the survivors with the death of many colleagues in the 9/11 attack. Tommy's work as a firefighter is great, but he is self-destructive and repeatedly falls into alcoholism with unbalanced debris off work. Leary wrote about his on-screen performances and series, and was praised for his honest and humorous commitment to topics such as depression, addiction, and unfaithfulness.


Red oak

Red oak It doesn't give much length. However, while it is easy to expose the whole three seasons for one weekend, simple intervals are more suitable for quick installation. Launched in the 1980s, the show centers on a young tennis player (Craig Roberts) who chooses a profession at the exclusive Red Oaks Country Club between his sophomore and third graders during the summer. The result was a warm, sincere nod to the comedy, a staple of ten years. Dry humor and solid ensemble Ennis Emer Nish, a fun tennis pro Red oak You are making a fuss to make a character you really care about.


Bob and David and Mr. Shaw

Albeit, though Mr show I haven't found a large audience and are casting long shadows on the comedy world. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross have an impressive career, and the show's writing staff, including Scott Aukerman and Paul F. Tompkins, have become godfathers of modern comedy. . watching Mr show Now it's easy to see how DNA penetrated modern television.

Each episode is a collection of surreal sketches, loosely tied to a vein. Monty Python. Sketches are often bursting into absurdities like gang wars between kisses by ventries on different coasts, and both leads are easily transformed into many bizarre characters needed for plots. Time is not dull Mr show Edge 1 bit; Composition is as clear as it is on TV.



Dowton Monastery

Exemplary British drama, Dowton Monastery Early 20th century British aristocracy is a survey of the political and personal life of British families. The Crawley family also responds to the impact of seismic historical events such as the sinking as they explore the touching social strata of higher societies. giant Of course, World War I broke out. Of course, conflicts with the family, such as financial problems of the family and guarantee of inheritance, provide a sure emotional backbone. In 2019, there was no better time to catch up with Crawleys with a series-based movie.


Mean feet

Amazon's original series Mean feet Produces a nailed drama in a complex identity theft case. Marius Josipovic (Giovanni Ribisi) is a prisoner who was recently released from prison, trying to hide the identity of former mate Pet Murphy from criminal criminal Vince Lonigan (Bryan Cranston). The performance shines thanks to the ensemble of actors, who are well received by critics. American & # 39; The key to Margo Martindale is clever writing.



Based on the characters in the best-selling Thomas Harris novel, in this surreal psychological thriller, FBI profiler Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) is struggling to catch a serial killer. His therapist, unknown to him, Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelson) is a serial killer with a dark design for Will. As friendship deepens, Will becomes at the center of the violent symphony.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller breathed new life into the franchise with Mikkelson's artistic cinematography and chilly charismatic performances. It was one of the most popular shows on network television when it first aired on NBC, but the direction and set design turns violence into the most sophisticated image you can see on a small screen.



One of the best police officers of the time wire Attention is drawn to war medicine and its impact on society. As many figures in Baltimore referred to as the "murder capital", the show begins under police procedures, following several detectives hoping to blow up one of the biggest drug kingpins in the city. The show gradually shows the city, with its views broadening seasonally, with everything connected to each other and where all the actions have a big impact.

wire Unique among police dramas in the life of the criminal element and the extreme attention paid to the mind. Even the smallest street drug dealers look complicated. The show never misses the fact that every person-police, criminal, politician, lawyer-is a member of society.



In 1981 President Ronald Reagan was elected. Like most Americans, Elizabeth (Kerry Russell) and Philip Jennings (Matthew Rice) are enjoying the country's prosperity as the Cold War heats up. But unlike most Americans, Jennings is actually a KGB spy.

Its original premise is one of the most interesting thrillers today. Political plot is exciting but American The focus is on Jennings' marriage. Looking at the tension in marriage, personal problems such as spouse conflict show that they can be as exciting as geopolitical maneuvers.



“Most Influential Television Drama” by Some Critics soprano Looks like a blueprint for a modern TV drama. The show features anti-aging heroes in the center, many interconnected characters, and all the travel and violence that have recently become a symbol of dramatic television.

But below Shakespeare's story, the human mind beats. soprano The key is a family drama, and a test for the man in that family's head. Tony Soprano (James Gandol Finney) is a tragic figure, putting pressure on him to threaten to break the position of power he created for himself in the mafia. The show is actually very popular, and a pre-quill movie starring Tony Soprano comes on TV for more than a decade. soprano Finished running


Less than 6 feet

Death is one of several universal experiences. Whether beggars or kings, born anywhere, the pale rider will eventually knock. Despite these commonalities, most TV series tend to sustain death at a distance. Of course if death isn't your thing. Less than 6 feet Is a brutal comedy drama that follows Fishers, a family of mortals who must face death in every episode in the form of a new body.

In addition to standard family drama, proximity to the deceased leads to a lot of meditation on mortality and human experience. But not all are heavy topics. The show is full of gallows humor and truly warm moments. In the saccharin sitcom era Less than 6 feet Famous for its mature approach to comedy.



This Katrina New Orleans drama is a reunion of two of our favorite actors, Clarke Peters and Wendell Pierce. wire The producers of the show, David Simon and Eric Overmeyer, were also praised for the ensemble cast, which included a realistic depiction of the NOLA culture and gems like John Goodman, Rob Brown, and Edwina Findley.

The series focuses on the working-class area of ​​Tremé and got its name. Just three months after Hurricane Katrina, Mardi Gras Indians, musicians, police, lawyers, civil rights lawyers and others demonstrate the community's challenge and resilience to follow along as they pick up pieces and refuse to break the embankment. like that


Boardwalk Empire

Oh Steve Bussemi We especially love you as the kingpin of the oppressive treasury and crime of the banned era Atlantic City. With a pilot directed by Martin Scorsese soprano Beside him, the series came out of the door of the swing.

Scorsese's initial direction consistently solidified the visual aesthetic imitated by the show's successors. The show's interest in the accuracy of history is impressive, giving a subtle and realistic feel to the works of the era. The characters are also complicated and their relationship often involves both sides of a love hate coin.


Night manager

This trilogy mini-series was nominated for a prestigious awards ceremony in 2016 and 2017. Tom Hiddleston (Avenger's) Is absolutely phenomenal for hotel manager Jonathan Pine, who returned to the past to harass him when an information manager (Olivia Coleman) was hired by an information officer (Olivia Coleman) to infiltrate the operations of a chemical weapons dealer (Hugh Laurie).

Cynical Dr. Laurie You will remember as House. Aren't we all? — But here he has a completely different character. A character who is ruthless and afraid to get his hands dirty. The BBC One series is the third attempt to revise the novel by John le Carré of the same name, apparently 3 to be Magic number. Night Manager Tense, attractive and worth the time.


Mr robot

As information technology enters all aspects of life, it is not helpful to look carefully at the people who control it (business, government agencies). Modern society sometimes looks like a prelude to cyberpunk dystopia. Mr robot To describe it. In addition to working for large companies, the show is hosted by Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), a paranoid security engineer who is involved in hacking acts.

Elliot said, “Mr. He is a robot. ”He has the opportunity to use his skills in action beyond trivial justice. Mr. Robot has a grand plan to overthrow society, and Alderson can play an important role. Mr robot The game has a keen understanding of the skills it represents, but it does not misunderstand the technical accuracy of realism, the show first shows the plot of the rabbit hole of paranoia and espionage, and a plot that constantly challenges viewers' perceptions.


Paul Dark

After three years of fighting in the American Revolution, Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) returned to his home in Cornwall, England, messed up his fortune, and his lover Elizabeth (Heida Reed) married his cousin. Ross rescues a young woman named Demel Jar (Eleanor Tomlinson) and tries to work as a maid when she tries to rebuild her family's tin mine. To further complicate Ross's work is the rival of George Warleggan, an ambitious industry expert.

Based on 20th Century Fiction Series Paul Dark It moves at a brisk pace, suited to modern shows, and skillfully juggles romance, behavior, and political operations.


Sci-fi, action, thriller


Of all the superhero movies and TV shows, none of them like it. BoysDark and fallen dismantle of super heroes and villains. Based on the same cartoon series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson Boys Follow the guards who defend themselves to abuse their powers and make the super hero a policeman who uses their trust in them.

Clever yet cruel and shocking violence, the series is placed in a world where superpowers, corporate greed and media integration bleed together, especially causing scary forms of corruption. The audience sees everything in the eyes of an ordinary person, Huey, whose lifelong opportunity to meet a superhero changes.


Philip Dick's biography dream

Amazon Prime & # 39; s Black mirrorAnd you will not be wrong. The Show is a science fiction series based on the story of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. Blade runner Amazon series High sex man. Electric dreamThe first season explores injectable rituals, mind leaders, humans replaced by robots, and genocide candidates.

The production value is impressive Hidden figures and moon Actress Janelle Monae looks convincing using an artificial intelligence robot in her metallic suit. like Black mirrorAmazon's science fiction series uses major stars including Terrence Howard, Bryan Cranston, Steve Buscemi, and Anna Paquin. Those looking for a gripped sci-fi will definitely find it.


Doctor Who

Doctor Who Rotate around the time road called the "doctor" who travels time and space in TARDIS, the largest British police box. Together with his human companions, he fights the villains with infinite imagination and intelligence, trying not to change history. that much Doctor Who Episodes offered by Amazon Prime Video® are part of a series revival that started in 2005 based on the original series, which ran in 1963-1989.

Since the protagonist can change his appearance, the audience sees the music chair of the main actor who plays the role. The doctor is currently played by Jodie Whittaker, the first female lead in the history of the series, following the acclaim by Peter Capaldi (pictured above). You do not know who or what you will meet when the doctor jumps off that time machine, but the results are always tempting.



Imagine a future where humans colonized all parts of the solar system. firmament Turn that virtual future into a powerful science fiction drama. The series began 200 years later and focuses on a plot to exterminate humanity. Don't let CGI effects and space settings fool you. firmament A riveting drama that deals with the nuances of human conflict in the way competitors show The Game Of Thrones and West world.

The first three seasons of the series are currently available for streaming, and Amazon chose the series for the fourth season in early 2019.


High sex man

World War II seems to be the most common source of fictional “what if” scenarios. High sex person, Based on the novel by Philip K. Dick of the same name, Axis Powers not only won the war, but later captured the United States, the Japanese Empire ruled the West Coast, and the Nazis controlled the eastern territory. Of the Rocky Mountains.

The show follows several different characters living in different regions, enduring the occupation and attempting to investigate the mysterious film reels depicting the alternate universe that the Allies actually won in the war. Dick was a true visionary High sex man It captures the authoritative and authoritative nature of the world he imagined. Rich in plot and great direction High sex man Exciting thriller.


Orphan black

In this critically acclaimed British series, a young woman named Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) can meet a woman who looks like herself. This allows Sarah to discover that he is one of several clones generated as part of the ongoing experiment. Soon, she conflicts with the company that created herself, the mysterious organization that wants to get rid of her. A fast-paced thriller that takes time to explore the subjects of self-identity and bioethics.



For those who enjoy political operations and messy military battles The Game Of Thrones I want something more grounded Viking Please. Realistic history saga, Viking Chronicle the injury of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) from a farmer to a legendary warrior. Ragnar wanders around Nordic and seeks looting with his warrior wife, Katheryn Winnick, and other allies.

A dark series depicting legends surrounding the Viking raids of the Middle Ages. Not the most accurate show in history Viking Maintains more aesthetic aesthetic than contemporary contemporaries. There is a lot of blood and mud


Twilight area

One of the most important anthologies series in television history, Twilight area It was a showcase of the best writing talent on TV in the sixties, and literary works such as Ray Bradbury contributed scripts. As directed by showrunner Rod Serling, each episode features a unique science fiction / horror story that examines a variety of topics.

이 프로그램은 오래된 쇼이기 때문에 특수 효과에 대해 밝히지 만 오늘날의 TV의 개념은 훌륭하고 혼란 스럽습니다. 에피소드의 독립형 특성은 연속성 또는 되풀이되는 문자에 대한 걱정없이 원하는 시점에서도 선택할 수 있음을 의미합니다.


Twin peak

데이비드 린치는 1990 년 이전에도 뛰어난 영화 감독으로 블루 벨벳 and 지우개 그의 벨트 아래. TV가 90 년대 초반에 상당히 저조한 매체로 여겨졌을 때 텔레비전으로의 그의 움직임은 이상한 선택으로 보였을 것입니다. 그러나 Lynch는 형식을 새로운 높이로 끌어 올려서 모든 시리즈와의 설득력있는 일련의 이야기를 만듭니다. 초현실적 인 이미지 Lynch의 영화는 잘 알려져 있습니다.

태평양 북서쪽의 깊은 마을에 위치하여 Twin peak 현지 귀환 여왕 로라 팔머 (Sheryl Lee)의 사망 FBI 요원 데일 쿠퍼 (Kyle MacLachlan)가 트윈 피크에 살고있는 많은 이상한 인물들을 만나고 그 표면 아래 숨어있는 살진 비밀을 밝히고있다. 그들의 목회 생활. 원래 실행에서 단지 두 시즌, Twin peak Laura Palmer의 수수께끼가 풀리면 비교적 짧습니다. 그러나 그것은 텔레비전에서 가장 이상하고 가장 상상력이 강한 쇼 중 하나입니다.


미국의 공포 이야기

Ryan Murphy의 공포 선집 미국의 공포 이야기하지만 소설은 지나가는 계절마다 기대를 계속 능가합니다. 각각은 본질적으로 독립적 인 미니 시리즈로서 기능하며, 레퍼토리 캐릭터와 자신의 시작, 중간 및 끝을 특징으로하는 스토리에 중점을 둡니다.

LA의 한가운데에 마녀의 집회, 정신 병원 또는 유령의 집을 중심으로하는 계절마다, 매혹적인 세트 조각과 야성적 인 미학이 특징입니다. 두 가지 모두 레이디 가가와 같은 사람들의 스털링 공연에 추가됩니다. 수상 경력에 빛나는 Jessica Lange. 많은 계절은 심지어 현재의 사회 문제에 take을 가지고 있으며 종종 이상하고 멋진 인상을 남깁니다. 음, 그리고 입안에서 끔찍한 맛.


스타 트렉 : 오리지널 시리즈

작가 Gene Roddenberry의 획기적인 공상 과학 시리즈 스타 트렉 그들은 평화와 탐험의 임무로 우주를 여행하면서 기업의 승무원을 따릅니다. 윌리엄 샤 트너 (William Shatner)와 레너드 니모이 (Leonard Nimoy)가 출연 한 역할에서 출연 한이 시리즈는 텔레비전 역사의 초석입니다. 각 에피소드는 시대를 초월한 철학적, 사회적 아이디어를 탐구합니다.

Star Trek은 또한 정치적으로 소란스러운 60 년대에 인종적으로 다양한 캐스트를 포함시키는 것으로 유명하여 이전보다 훨씬 앞선 쇼였습니다.. Roddenberry는 인류가 최고의 특성과 이상을 우주로 가져올 미래를 상상했으며, 쇼는 그의 무한한 이상주의를 공유합니다. The primitive special effects can make Star Trek seem a bit cheesy to the modern eye, but even its most inept action scenes have a certain bizarre charm to them.


Kids and family

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Fred Rogers created 31 seasons of what is possibly the best children’s show of all time. The show consists of Roger’s half-hour “visit” with his audiences, in which he speaks directly to his viewers. Once he enters his home and changes into his famous zip-up cardigan and blue sneakers, he creates a safe and special place through his genuineness and naturalness. Children learn about various topics, including those that deal with death, jealousy, divorce, and anger.

The show also incorporates visits from Mr. Rogers’ friends, such as delivery man Mr. McFeely, and always features a “Picture Picture” segment designed to teach children how various items are made. At the end of the show, the trolley from the opening credits takes viewers to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, where beloved puppets often have interactions that reflect the theme of the show.


Shaun the Sheep

From Aardman Studios — the creators of Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run, Creature Comforts — comes the children’s series Shaun the Sheep. Shaun is a sheep who doesn’t follow the herd. In fact, he often brazenly leads them into all sorts of madcap shenanigans around Mossy Bottom Farm. The show also features the iconic studio’s stop-motion animation and remains free of dialogue, which is actually a welcome reprieve for parents who simply can’t get on board with the high-pitched voices and exuberant makeup of many modern children’s shows.


Tumble Leaf

Tumble Leaf, Amazon’s heralded foray into the realm of children’s programming, is a stunning example of what a children’s show should be. The recent stop-motion title is based on the short film Miro and aimed at preschool-aged children, though it remains charming enough to entertain adults who want to further engage with their children.

Each episode follows Fig the Fox (Christopher Downs) and his science-centric escapades around the whimsical world of Tumble Leaf, a woodland locale laced with a melange of quirky creatures with whom Fig is friends. Together, the humanoid creatures discover how reflections, shadows, and other facets of our natural world work, examining the value of friendship and kindness as they do so. The scenery is as vibrant and colorful as are the characters, rendering it both eye candy and a conversation starter.


Sesame Street

The inspiration behind several movies, a toy that created a buying frenzy, and its own magazine, Sesame Street is a veritable institution. The show, which has spanned 45 seasons and won more awards than its young viewers could count, takes place on an urban street where humans and Jim Henson’s Muppets interact. The show also includes short animation and live-action films, pictures, and songs. It was the first children’s show to use educational goals and a curriculum to shape its content, and as such, it has taught millions of viewers around the globe about the importance of relationships, ethics, and emotions. Plus, you know, the ABCs.


Reality TV and documentaries

The Grand Tour

For years, the trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond drove cool cars and clowned around with each other on the BBC’s Top Gear. Despite their departure from that series, however, the good times keep rolling on The Grand Tour, which reunites the three snarky hosts for a show that is very similar in format to Top Gear. Episodes often feature studio segments and test drives on the show’s test track, the “Eboladrome.”

As with Top Gear, the best episodes are the ones where the hosts venture to foreign lands, testing unique vehicles on unfamiliar terrain. For car enthusiasts or Top Gear fans not satisfied by that show’s new hosts, The Grand Tour is a welcome return to form.


Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin

Follow along with noted conservationist Jeff Corwin as he dives into a new subject of ocean research in each episode. This series is famed for its depth of research and concern for the well-being of ocean life. It also made a splash with critics, having won multiple Emmys since it first aired in 2011.


Eat The World with Emeril Lagasse

This Emmy and James Beard Award-nominated show follows celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse around the world, where he meets up with friends and fellow chefs to discuss and taste some of the culinary world’s hottest flavors. Season 1 sees Lagasse tour Sweden, China, Spain, South Korea, Italy, and Cuba.


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