Best Scary Podcasts for Halloween

It's time for the Halloween month to face mayhem. While reading scary novels and watching horror movies is definitely recommended, there are activities that will help with costume sewing, pumpkin carvings, and podcasts driving to the haunted house. Whether you are looking for a fictional drama, a strange but true story, or something to fall asleep at night, there are heaps to choose from. Whatever you want, you can find a list of the best podcasts for the Halloween season.

Audio Drama / Fiction

Unwell Podcast

Feel bad

In this Gothic story, Lily returns to Mount Fuji. Absalom, Ohio, took care of the foolish mother Dot. The atmosphere of the city is a bit Twin peak-y – the only late night don't eat in the restaurant, the dormitory where Dot lives is anxious and not a tension between mother and daughter. Luckily there is a lot of humor to take you through that moment.

Ghost of Burbs

This is one of the podcasts that wonder what's real and what's not. Each episode is a unique distinct story, but you can start from scratch and get a full arc. The premises librarian, Liz Sower, meets Wellesley, a Massachusetts local, and talks about meeting ghosts. Consider fear in the suburbs.

White safe

If you have ever seen WorkThen scientists and isolated labs are like horror. in White safeThe team goes to Svalbard, Norway to make repairs at a remote monitoring station. The story proceeds in the form of footprints, especially after the character is identified as having a bigger problem than a broken transmitter.


If you want an eerie story that doesn't require much time, episodes of this podcast are usually between 10 and 20 minutes. They have a variety of storytellers telling ghost stories, folklore and legends of the south and are categorized on the website.

Dolores' Dread Cockroaches

It soon became one of the TV shows that has been turned into many podcasts. Dolores' Dread Cockroaches In fact, it started with a female play starring Daphne Rubin-Vega. In eight episodes, Rubin Vega's character Dolores goes to modern Sweeney Todd, from former prisoners to massages. Oncoming weasel.

Magnus Archive

This podcast has been in use since 2016, so there's plenty of material to keep using during October. Jonathan Sims works at the Magnus Institute and records other creepy events in the archive. As the episode continues, you realize how this story can be connected.

Alice is not dead

An audio diary is recording while truck drivers convoy cargo across the United States. Guide the factory and the roadside. But her trip is not about the travel deodorant of the 16-wheel drive. I'm looking for my wife Alice. But someone — nothing — begins to follow her.

Ella McCray's 6 Extinctions

Eyewitness records are incredibly infamous, but they should not differ greatly. When Ella McCray disappears in front of fiance, family and friends, they all see something very different or perhaps psychedelic. The police suffered some losses. Did Ella wander into a mirage? Or were you killed? -Ask 6 witnesses to carry a tape recorder to find the missing woman.

Lime Town

Voice mix in interviews, news reports and public radio formats Lime Town It sounds almost real. Reporter Lia Haddock investigates an inexplicable disappearance of 326 inhabitants of a mysterious village. How could many simply disappear, and why was the city's research facility secret from the beginning?

Academy Carsaurus

Two English professors and librarians at the fictional Barrier University begin to submit abnormally to the school's literary journal. Academy CarsaurusAnd that's just the beginning of their problem. This fascinating podcast is a mix of comedy and horror, so the trio takes on supernatural experiences with witty wit and putting up academic fatigue.

Eerie (real?) Story



petulance Start with a Halloween episode Snap judgmentBut now it's a separate series. The organizer of Glynn Washington admits that there is something to ignore the explanations, and the stories gathered from real people told skeptics “what…. petulanceIt's a website, but the third site is only available on Luminary, $ 8 per month.


If you haven't heard this folk podcast (which is also an Amazon prime TV series), Halloween is the perfect season. Early episodes are especially good with stories of creepy dolls, warlocks, and curses. The creator, Aaron Mahnke, and his team work with vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beings around the world. Deeply studies the history of mortal murderers such as Holmes.


Other podcasts loreMahanke elaborates on specific topics every season. The first is the Salem witch trial, the second (newly released) is spiritualism. Mainly remember about 17th century Salem CrucibleThe first season will give much more details, along with historians' perspectives on tragic events.

Haunted place

If you love ghost trips but don't have the money to turn the earth into a scary place Haunted place I'll take you there. From the Dragsholm Castle in Denmark to the Roman Colosseum to the Serbian city called Kisiljevo, the area has a history of supernatural beings.

Strange and unusual

who started a podcast on curses by discussing the bubonic epidemic Romeo and Juliet? Alyson Horrocks Strange and unusual (Not to be confused with Allison Horrocks, co-organizer of American girl Podcast). Each episode of different world beings and unusual murders is well researched, fascinating and bizarre.

Rejoicing fear

Storyteller Mike Brown is a travel guide in Charleston, South Carolina and specializes in using creepy stories about ghosts, history and folklore. Like Alyson Horrocks, Brown likes to melt seemingly unrelated topics in his story. Wizard of Oz And black dahlia murder.

Dark History Podcast

Another podcast that skips between paranormal and true crimes Dark history Strange story shines. Hosted by Ben Cutmore, a hair stylist who has studied history. His vicious British accent can help him fall asleep if the subject does not produce nightmares.

For scary cats and kids

Unforgettable Podcast

Things you missed in history class

Fortunately SYMHC Regarding the Halloween game, you can move forward and have made a page with all the eerie adjoining episodes useful. Learn about the amazing Edward Gorey, the disappearance of Aaron Burr's daughter and the history of Halloween candy. Even if the subject is appalling, the way the host talks is not.

Faculty of Horror

Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West do not like horror movies and study. Both have authored books on the subject and offer academic and feminist perspectives on the dissection of films such as: Faculty, Night of the living dead, Candy man. It's a lot less scary than actually watching the movie itself (it's still fun). But because they cut in, you can't avoid Babadook's creepy voice.

Shedun Knit

If you want to avoid all kinds of ghosts, goblins, ghouls, but still feel a bit scared, mystery is a good way. Shedun Knit It's about the best mysteries from the golden age of detective fiction. Caroline Crampton hosts this show to look at the writers behind the story. Be prepared to add more books to your reading list.


This is R.L. If you like Stine books, they were podcasts that existed as a child. Each episode is centered around a phenomenon like Bloody Mary or Slender Man, and the host Elise Parisian explains what it is and its origin. Recommended for ages 8 and older.

Neighbor died

If you're watching a scary movie with your fingers, there's a chance you'll miss the characters that appear in the background, like the clerks selling teens trying to kill beer and snacks. in Neighbor diedAdam Peacock has these lesser known survivors who have watched fear come to other comedians.


The title of this podcast indicates both that topic and what has been consumed. Hosts Julia Schifini and Amanda McLoughlin have a love of myths and legends, and they discuss urban legends about mermaids, boogie boards, clowns, and glass. There is a lot of confusion between these two to help keep the tone bright.

Creeping time

Another Podcast for Kids (8+ years) Creeping time A collection of horror stories told by three friends who have recently become monsters. New episodes come out every Thursday in October.

Very deadly murder

Very deadly murder Sort of Lime TownFunny cousin parody S-townStyle podcast of onions. Journalist David Pascall is struggling to win at Pulitzer and finds murder in an ideal victim, a perfect environment, everything that encompasses everything from saturated fat to the golden age of television, factory farming .

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