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The best thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them while doing other things, such as washing dishes, running, coloring, especially driving. But these days it's impossible to keep up because there are so many podcasts. There are always new things to debut, and it's hard to know if they're worth taking place in the feed.

Every week, we could not highlight new and returning podcasts. Whether you're looking for the latest or soaking your feet in the vast ocean of podcasts, we'll find what you deserve. This week there was a podcast about the brave village and escaped through tunnels, NYC schools, Dolly Parton and Asteroids.

If you are looking for something Halloween-y, check out the scary (and not expensive) Podcast.

History Podcast

Evacuation City Podcast

Oslo's 17th-century brick building houses the Norwegian Resistance Museum. The exhibition depicts not only obvious vandalism, such as the support of the German battleship destruction, but also underground activities, such as 5,000 men and women who published underground newspapers full of news from forbidden radio.

There was a similar resistance movement in France, many of which are more famous than the resistance movement in Norway. But Evacuation city Focus on the small village called Chambon-sur-Lignon. Host Brian Farrell talks about how the pastor and his wives Andre and Magda Trocmé led the city's efforts to hide thousands of Jewish refugees during World War II. Citizens who are in great danger to themselves have helped many avoid Switzerland in neutrality.

History Podcast

Tunnel 29 Podcast

In the book Prisoner witnessTeen nun Nancy Drew has to slip down behind the iron curtain and help the kids escape. As a child, I drew a very long and heavy curtain by drawing a sturdy rod that stretched across the sky.

In August 1961, the Berlin was divided, and very practical boundaries were established. In some cases, family and friends are on the other side. As the walls became more flawless, those who wanted to escape East Germany had to think of new ways of escape. Joachim Neumann ran for it, but once decided to safely go west and return to his family. He and some other engineering students decided to build a tunnel. Helena Merriman tells the story.

Culture Podcast

School colors podcast

Chicago public school teachers began a strike this week, demanding a small class size and a budget for nurses, librarians and social workers in each building. It is a city where the number of students is reduced by simply closing down the “destroyed” school and then opening a new school.

New York City has its own registered school. Bed-Stuy is suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, and District 16 is feeling its impact. in School colorsCommunity organizers and journalists Mark Winston Griffith and teacher Max Freedman solved the complexity that shaped the Brooklyn school's fate. Many strikes broke out during the 1960s as colorful people tried to control their children's education.

Music podcasts

Dolly Parton's American Podcast

Perhaps there is a debate about the presence of Dolly Parton Hard candy christmas Christmas song. Perhaps, according to the lyrics, it's just like a hard candy Christmas. But by that logic Low & # 39; s Like Christmas It's also not a Christmas song, but both are in my Spotify holiday mix and remain there.

Dolly Parton with Christmas songs, not Christmas songs, is too dolly. As Jad Abumrad said in the first episode of his new podcast, she seems to be able to collect a lot of people who transcend America's captivity and disagree with others beyond the singer's love. With nine episodes of travel, Podcast will devote more than half of what Ken Burns spent on country music in decades at Dolly.

Science Podcast

In the mission podcast

If you've played the Meteorite / Meteor-wrong (only me?) Game, you know that asteroids, meteors, and meteorites are easy to mix. Asteroids are rocks that are too small to be planets, meteors enter the Earth's atmosphere and ride on them (commonly called meteor species), and meteorites actually survive the journey to reach Earth.

NASA Season 2 On duty Podcasts are about asteroids. In the first episode, Leslie Mullen heads Mount Lemmon for the Catalina Sky Survey. There, astronomers like Richard Kowalski watch the asteroids. He was the first to see it before reaching the earth. In 2008, one person struck Sudan. KLM flights glowed as meteors passed through the atmosphere before landing in the Nubira desert.

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