Bellator 232 Result: "MacDonald vs Lima 2" Streaming Playback Update

Bellator 232: “MacDonald vs. Lima 2 ”will be broadcast today (live streaming via Paramount Network and DAZN) at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn. (Saturday, October 26, 2019). The final of the welterweight Grand Prix begins with face-to-face champion Chary Rory MacDonald (21-5-1) who won the title at Douglas Lima (31-7).

The Bellator 232's main card starts at 10 pm. Eastern Standard Time Dazan In the "Prelims" undercard match at 7:15 pm. EST to DAZNLook). provides results and play for all Bellator MMA cards.

Many readers checked in before, during and after the fight to share their thoughts on all the actions. Leave feedback about the match or chat with other maniacs during the performance. Always have fun!

BELLATOR 232 Quick Results:

Laurie McDonald vs. Douglas LimaLima UD 49-46, 50-45 X2 — highlight!
Paul Daily vs. Sad Ah WardDaily Manga 1:30 R2.
Patrick Mix vs. Isaiah ChapmanSuloev 3:49 R1.
Nick Newell vs. Manny MuroMuro SD 29-28, 27-29, 29-28.
Kevin Ferguson Jr Craig Campbell vs.Ferguson Junior TKO 0:38 R1.
Marcus Surin vs. Devin PowellPowell technology. Child (front choke) 5:00 R2.
Chef Luc Adam Tevin Dice vs.Adashev manga 1:39 R2.
Demetrius Plaza Ryan Evans vs.Evans Sub (RNC) 3:03 R3.
Lance Gibson Junior vs. Dominic JonesGibson Junior TKO 1:58 R1.
John Duma vs. Joel LugoLugo UD 30-26, 30-27 X2.
Jonathan Lopez vs. Dan ComieLopez UD 29-28, 30-27 X2.


Laurie McDonald vs. Douglas Lima

Champion McDonald is 21-5-1 in the trunk, which goes with the red gloves. Former champion Lima is 31-7 in blue gloves and green stalks. McDonald's is 30 years old and Lima 31 years old. 6 minutes 0 seconds to 6 minutes 1 second. 76-inch MacDonald, 74.5-inch Lima. Lima fights in very Atlanta, George. McDonald's fights in Montreal, Canada. The referee for the main event is Keith Peterson.

Round 1: Lima and McDonalds spin each other for 40 seconds and the crowd is a bit nervous. Lima Lands Leg Kick Lima steps on her left hand. Kicks for Lima. Left hand and front kick at McDonald's. In front of Lima. McDonald's combo. 2:30. The crowd is booing after 10 seconds. McDonald's goes to one leg and Lima survives the bridge and returns to the fence. It's a deadlock. McDonald's almost took down at 4:10, but Lima rebounded from the fence. Lima shrugs. What can we do here if we do not separate us? And there are bells. 10-9 Lima? Neither is decisive.

Round 2: McDonalds and Kick. Lima keeps moving forward. McDonald's throws a rounded low kick to the right. 1:17 Leg kick by Lima. The crowd is nervous at 1:30. Lima misses to the left but is associated with the kick. Kicks for Lima. Kick from Lima. Lima continues to back up MacDonald. More booing at 2:40. McDonald's shoots Lima is brought back to the cage. Lima breaks free at 3:14. Lima's left b right hook. MacDonald's left b is blocked twice. Lima lands a solid right ring. Lima pops left b and flips McDonald's head back. Kick For Lima. 10-9 Lima. Much more solid rounds for former champions.

Round 3: Another takedown attempt is filled in the first minute. McDonald's hits his right hand, and Lima answers with his left hand. McDonald shoots back at 1:20 and wants one leg badly, but Lima gets back on the fence. McDonald's knelt at close range. Lima rests clean at 2:13 and immediately bursts the left b. McDonald's fails another takedown attempt and misses with a kick high kick. McDonald's on the body at 3:02. Leg kick for Lima. Lima kicks and leg kicks. Kick at McDonald's Legs. Combo by Lima for a little crowd at 3:53 Let's see GO LI-MA The song bursts McDonald's is refilled at 4:35. MacDonald with combos. Lima blocks the next hand with his hand. Lima 10-10.

Round 4: Lima injured McDonald instantly with a left ring in 35 seconds of R4. Leg kick is eating the left leg. In the left hand there is power and injustice. ja. McDonald's shoots Lima and stops at 1:55. McDonalds eats a gun again. MacDonald misses the rotating backfist. His takedown fills up at 2:39 and Lima kicks his head back up. They soak in the fence. Lima grabs the underhook and turns McDonald's to kneel down. McDonald's returns him. Keith Peterson tries to find out more about the bruises on MacDonald's leg when the camera. McDonalds miss the spin strike as they move away. Leg kick of Lima with 30 seconds remaining. McDonald's high kick has been confirmed. 10-9 Lima.

Round 5: Despite having won the first round in Lima, McDonald is still a big 3-1 hole. He eats his left hand, goes to one leg, is swept away, and Lima is immediately above the guard. MacDonald tries to hang up the phone and use the butterfly guard, but no attack while defending. Lima sells him with elbows. McDonald's tries to find Amba, and Lima shoots a bomb on the canvas and heads from behind. Hammer piste and great rights. McDonald's rolls behind him. 1:45 left. Lima stands up, drops straight to the right, then completely protects to the other right. McDonald's sweeps away with 45 seconds left, but does no damage. As a result, the crowd is booing. 10-9 Lima. Even if RD and R5 score in MacDonald, Lima still wins.

Final result: Judges scored 49-46, 50-45 and 50-45 against Douglas Lima.

Paul Daily vs. Sad Ah Ward

Awad in blue gloves and red trunks is 23-12 years old. The substitute is 41-17-2 on the torso that goes with the red gloves. The two are 36 years old. Daley has a reach advantage of 76 inches to 2 inches. Awad fights in San Bernardino, California. Daily fights in Nottingham, England. The referee is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: No gloves tab Leg kick, another kick, another kick. Daily spins outside and calmly stalks the ward. Awad misses takedowns and goes back to his. Daley kicks on his legs several times until Awad stands up at 1:23. Oh wards right hand. Awad shoots back at 1:44 and fills up and Daily helps him again. Front kick by Awad. Daley 1-2 comb and leg kick. Awad bends with him. They are broken at 2:14. Oh ward leg kick. Daley misses with a big left ring. Daily uppercut. Two strict rights of Awad. Daley Head Kick. Dalay Kick Leg. Front kick by Awad. Daily's knee. Awad pushes him to the fence. They are broken at 4:15. Daily lands on the opposite elbow and rushes in. Awad is warned not to grab the fence with his back. He throws a kick and Daily returns to knocking on the ribs. Surprise even with the opposite elbow. 10-9 daily.

Round 2: Daily is trying to throw a bomb. He recovers in 36 seconds, but Awad is about to take him down again. He jumps back and loses to get one hook in 53 seconds. He goes again. But Daley swings free at 1:08. He comes forward and takes a hard body shot to reverse and reset Awad. Daily drops him to the left and finishes off with a hammer fist in 90 seconds.

Final result: Paul Daley through technical knockout in 1:30 of the second round.

Patrick Mix vs. Isaiah Chapman

Chapman is 9-3 in blue gloves and black stalks fighting in Akron, Ohio. In red gloves and gray trunks fighting in Angola in New York, the mix is ​​11-0. The referee in charge of this fight is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: The mix immediately hits a high kick and falls to side control in 14 seconds. He quickly grabs his back and gets one ring. He gets a second ring for the hull triangle and fires from his right hand when Chapman tries to get up again. Mix is ​​on his back and Chapman kneels and rain falls on his left and right sides. Elbow on the head. Mix pulls him back to find the rear naked choke. Chapman rolls with him and mix rolls. The mix works on guillotine choke, but leave it as it is. Left hand from behind. When Chapman gets up and gets a tap at 3:49, the mix goes to f stretch with tassels.

Final result: Patrick Mix via submission (Suloev stretch) on 3:49 of round 1.

Nick Newell vs. Manny Muro

Muro is 10-6 with blue gloves and black stems. Newell is 16-2 with red gloves and gray trunk. Muro is from Anadarko, Oklahoma and Newell is from CT Milford. The referee for this game is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Muro throws a left ring and Newell is responding to the right. Newell drives Muro into the fence. Muro will begin taking the takedown and Newell will appear immediately. Newell grabs Muro's head and finds choking and pulls it to the ground. Muro pops out at 2:34, but Newell throws his elbow and right hand in half. Newell jumps back and gets one hook. Newell hits the left elbow and switches to full mount. He is 35 seconds away and backs off. Muro took first place at 4:46. 10-9 Newell.

Round 2: Two men are united immediately. Muro brought Newell back to the fence. Newell returns it to the draw, moves quickly with his back in 54 seconds and puts one hook. Muro got up in 90 seconds and Newell got on his back. Newell slides forward and lowers the level. Muro widens his posture and Newell goes to one leg. Newell drops the level and Muro backs off. Newell keeps trying to pick ankles until Muro reappears at 3:56. Muro steps back and Newell steps back. Muro can't knock him down, but he doesn't sell his right arm. Newell is late, but close to 10-9 for Muro.

Round 3: Muro immediately pushes Newell to the fence and takes a takedown at 23 seconds. Newell recovers in 38 seconds. Newell returned to his chest in 56 seconds and Muro knelt. Takedown by Muro at 1:45 after eating some right on the head. Muro simply has one loop until Newell reappears with his back. Muro pulls him from behind at 2:29. Muro loses his position, Newell stands up, and Muro knocks him back with a single hook-in. Muro hangs both hooks and rolls up with Newell, fishing for possible submissions and gaining left and rights. Newell stood at 4:28 with the weight of murmurs. Muro knocks him down and is at the top of the bell. 10-9 mules. It depends on how the second round was scored.

Final result: Muro gets a split decision of 29-28, 27-29 and 29-28.

Kevin Ferguson Jr. vs. Craig Campbell

Blue glove and purple trunk for 3-3 campbell. 3-2 Ferguson's red gloves and trunk. Ferguson has a reach advantage of 71.5 inches to 3.5 inches. Campbell fights in Texarkana of AR. Ferguson Fights On Long Beach, California. The referee is Bryan Miner.

Round 1: Gloves Tab. Ferguson immediately accepts a left b and combo. Campbell goes forward. Ferguson kicks a leg kick and another kick that Campbell tries to catch. Ferguson's head has elbows and elbows and strikes in 38 seconds.

Final result: Kevin Ferguson Jr. through technical knockout in Round 1:01:38.

Marcus Surin vs. Devin Powell

Powell came first in blue gloves and CRNR trunks. Surin has gray stems and red gloves. Powell is 9-4, Surin 6-1. When Surin turns seven at the age of 38, “others are almost the same.” Powell fights in South Berwick. Surin fights in Spring Valley, New York. The referee is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: Gloves Tab. Leg kicks are traded. Powell misses with a high kick. Surin binds him and travels him to land, but Powell climbs up and back. Surin pushes him into the fence and lands his right elbow. Takedown to full mount at 1:22 Surin intentionally returns to full guard and stands up again. Powell takes place at 2:05. They grab the body and Surin knocks him down at 2:29 and is fully watched. He avoids kicks but tries to pass and Powell gets caught. Powell loses it at 3:30 Surin is back. Surin goes in half, but Powell goes back. Surin stands up, kicks her head, eats hard shots and elbows Surin takes him back at 4:45. Powell was shot and wounded. 10-9 Powell.

Round 2: Surin starts taking down in 18 seconds, Powell is on top for a while, and Surin recovers and makes a full mount. Powell brings him back on guard and Surin forces Powell to do the same. Powell tries to throw the right to throw him. Surin crouches with him and goes to the cage. Surin knocks him down at 1:46. Powell takes a 50/50 position and goes to Omo Plata. Surin breaks it. Both continue to roll to the ground to find a vantage point. Again Powell visited a better shot with hammerfists and secured an almost inverted triangle. Surin backed up at four and Powell stood up six seconds later. Elbow head kicks right torso kick from Powell. Right elbow. Surin goes on one leg. But Powell goes front choking in response. Surin gives a thumbs up to the referee. Surin went to the cold before the servant and tried to fight the referee when the referee arose. This fight is over!

Final result: Devin Powell through 2nd round 5 o'clock technical submission (front choke).

Zarrukh Adashev vs. Tevin Dyce

Green stalks and blue gloves for Dyce, with a professional record of 3-1 and a fight against the New York Bronx. Adashev's white trunks and red gloves earned a 2-1 pro record and are fighting in Brooklyn, New York. The referee is Keith Peterson.

Round 1: Gloves Tab. Dice Makes First Kick Chef Ada steps forward and steps on his left hand. Dyce tries to take down and responds, but instead throws it on the ground. He breathes again in 40 seconds, and Adachet knocks him down twice. Adashev held the waist for the third time, holding both hands, pulling the dice with the right hand and elbow. Dyce comes back on foot at 1:25 and takes down. Ada Chef pops out. Dyce went for a takedown and Adashev landed on the summit and went to Amba. He doesn't get it and Dyce builds him up. Adashev climbs up from the full mount and Dyce gives up his back. Ada Chef falls, but rises up again in the north south. 2 minutes left Adashev backs up and forces at 3:08. Leg kick in Adashev and right hand. Dyce shoots and is initially filled with mashed. Dyce pushes him to the fence, but Adashev keeps the front headlock. Dice falls and Adam is turning his back. Dyce touched his foot and Adashev dragged him to the ground. There are 15 seconds left side controls. 10-9 Chef Ada.

Round two: Adashev came up with several combos and Dyce was hurt. Dyce will attempt to respond with takedowns and Adashev spreads. Chef Ada blows him up and makes Dyce back up in 46 seconds. Harder hands and the other leg react. Adashev punishes Dyce when he stands up, constantly hitting him with a combo. Peterson broke out of the fight when Dyce was clearly staggering at his feet and not intelligently defending.

Final result: Zarrukh Adashev won through technical knockout in 1: 2 of the second round.

Demetrius Plaza vs. Ryan Evans

Evans' black trunk and blue gloves, 0-1. Black trunks with red shine and red gloves for the plaza, 1-0. Evans fights in Bohemia, New York. Plaza fights at Wappingers Falls in NY. The referee is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Gloves Tab. Kick traded in two ways. Evans' body kick and b. Evans bends and pushes into the square. They are spinning in 59 seconds, but Evans doesn't take him down. Plaza tries to take him off Evans goes the bridge. They step on the right. Evans doubles and Plaza tries to crumble but gets it anyway. Plaza will restart at 2:12. Evans pulls him back and sticks out again. Evans doubles and gets it at 2:38. He is very wary. Plaza went with triangles and armrests but couldn't secure it and Evans put him back on the mat. He goes back at 3:54. Evans drops him back in half. All attacks are off the back of Plaza, so you get 10-9.

Round 2: Plaza kicks off to open R2 Body shot. Left hook. Leg kick. Evans stops at 0:25. Plaza is at half guard, but Evans is keeping things on his chest. The plaza jumps and takes almost to the arm bar. He moves to the side controls and lands a nice elbow. North and South for the plaza. Body shot. Plaza turns to turn his back and gets one hook. He is both at 2:50. Evans freely roams his way and ends 50/50. Evans is at the top at 3:36 but is out of control. More work is required as the crowd picks up at 4:10. Plaza stands in front of him kicking his legs when Evans freely rests and calls in front of the crowd to ride the triangle. Plaza has 10 seconds left. Knee Punch and Takedown at Plaza. 10-9 plaza.

Round 3: Gloves Tab. Head kick at the plaza. The big directors of Plaza and Evans were hurt. Strange plaza shoots and gives Evans time to recover. Evans pushes him into the cage and finds his takedown. He has it in 57 seconds Evans moves to the full mount and backs off. Evans is fishing for the rear naked choke. Plaza opens at 3:03.

Final result: Ryan Evans submitted through 3:03 in the third round (rear naked choke).

Lance Gibson Jr. vs. Dominic Jones

Green stems and red gloves for Gibson 2-0 at Canada Port Moody. Blue gloves and black stems for Jones by 2-2 in Jacksonville, Florida. The referee is Bryan Miner.

Round 1: Gloves Tab. Gibson comes out early. He is tagged right and Jones closes the street. Jones should break freedom as Gibson pushes him. Gibson pushed him to the fence and threw several knees. Both have good clinch boxing. Jones shoots Gibson, turns his hook, straightens Jones and spins his back. Big left and right, the miner shook it at 1:58.

Final result: Lance Gibson Jr. through technical knockout in 1st round 1:58

John Duma vs. Joel Lugo

Lugo has a professional record of 2-0, boasting a silver trunk and blue gloves welcomed by CT's Waterbury. John Douma is wearing black trunks and red gloves and has a 4-1 professional record at RI Providence. Lugo fights on West Palm Beach in Florida. Douma fights in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The referee is Keith Peterson.

Round 1: Lugo moves to the outer circle and grabs his right hand and tilts his posture forward, feeling the range with his left hand. Duma shakes his right hand with him and strikes it instead. He fell at 1:49 in the game against the fence but Lugo went back on his feet. He moves back to 2:11, pushes Lugo down, but returns to the right at the midpoint. Now Lugo bends, kicks his head, knees to the body, and the Duma is spinning outside. Lugo continues to attack to the right. Duma shoots, Lugo collapses, and Lugo punishes Duma when she wakes up again. Lugo's right hand lands almost freely. Body kick. 10-9 lugo.

Round 2: Lugo tried to pick up the mouthpiece and was in trouble with his right hand. The referee will take time and reset the fighter. Lugo throws a body kick and a leg kick. He bs with his left hand. Douma has a bloody nose. He pushes Lugo to the fence. Lugo smashes one leg off one leg. Left b. I miss you with overhand. The following lands at 2:06. Body shot. Overhand. Body shot. Douma has been separated. Lugo started the clinch but backs it up to reset it. Straight left b flips the head of the forehead back. Douma duck is shot and crouched Lugo rotates freely at 3:59 Left b. Straight left, over hand right, body shot. Duma is sick. 10-9 lugo. Had he knocked down I would have said 10-8. He landed up to his knees flying in front of the bell.

Round 3: Gloves Tab. Lugo with overhand right and leg kick. Kick. Left b. rights. Duma gets the right. Left in Lugo. Douma is taking the takedown at 1:25 and guarding. Lugo rotates freely at 1:48 and starts over. Lugo lets hands and feet go round. 1-2. Left hand. Two oversight. Duma bends and Lugo breaks easily. One leg of the forehead rugs shoulders. Duma shakes Lugo tags him upside down. Duma misses the front kick. Duma kicks up and gets more combos. 10-9 lugo.

Final result: Jornel Lugo unanimously decides 30-26, 30-27 X2.

Jonathan Lopez vs. Dan Comie

Comie (not one of them) has silver and red stems, blue gloves, and a professional record of 8-9. Lopez is 11-4 in black stems and red gloves. All 14 of Lopez's fights were at Mohangan Sun Arena. He has a reach advantage of 66 inches to 3 inches. Comeer fights in Providence at RI. Lopez fights in Meriden, CT. The referee is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: Gloves Tab. Kick Leg. Lopez responds kindly. Comi collapsed in 45 seconds. McCarthy thinks it could be a head shot, not a strike. Lopez is fishing for submissions and ends with Vanguard. The comeer has a large goose egg over the right eye, which represents the head butt. 2:30 Gone. Lopez gets side control at 2:55. Comey watches him fully at 3:50. Lopez backs up at 4:08 and then jumps up. Lopez goes in half. He has 10 seconds left. 10-9 Lopez.

Round 2: Cormier's Leg Kick and Knee. Lopez took him to the fence when he returned in a flying car. Knee against the cage. Leaving head. Knees up and down. Comeir frees and misses with elbows. Lopez kicks the leg. The comere slips back, but quickly recovers. Missing Cormier's rotating backfist. Lopez's front kick. Body kick. In exchange for a leg kick and one return for Cormier. Cormier's difficult right hand. Head kick by Lopez. Lopez kneels but he eats a solid right. Lopez shoots at 4:46 and receives a takedown. 10-9 comedian.

Round 3: Glove Tap and Hug. Kick Leg. Both trade at 0:28. Comeer points Lopez to the fence. He grabs the plums and lowers one knee before the chest touches the chest. Commiere's foot stomp and knees. Lopez knelt around him. Lopez knocks him down at 1:47. He is trying to pose and damage. Short elbow. 2:30. Chin left elbow. Lopez is kneeling on his body and controlling the side. In 90 seconds, Komi started wall hangings and knelt down. He got up at 4:12 and dragged down again. Lopez kneels, but almost gives up on submissions in the process when he reaches the 50/50 position. 10-9 Lopez.

Final result: Johnny Lopez through unanimous decision of 29-28 and 30-27 X2

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