Austin Japanese restaurant Uchiko to open in Houston

UchikoBring the Japanese restaurant concept to Houston at the new Post Oak Place in 1801 Post Oak, the original sister restaurant of Uchi, an award-winning modern Japanese restaurant.

Hai Hospitality, a restaurant group led by James Beard award-winning chef / owner Tyson Cole, will open a second Uchiko in Houston on a mixed-use development owned by a German jeweler on Tuesday. Announced. It is expected to open in 2021, about nine years after Lodz flew to Houston for a unique sushi menu.

In his statement, Cole said, “When we opened Uchi in Houston in 2012, we made our first move to Austin. “We were very happy to be part of the Houston community and the team was able to thrive. I could no longer get excited about Uchiko's first expansion to Houston. ”

When Lodz was opened in 2003, he raided Austin and was praised by the Cole nation. Cole traced Uchi in 2010 with Uchiko portrayed as a “Japanese farmhouse” restaurant.

Houston's Uchiko is an original restaurant serving creative dishes such as Hama Chili (yellow tail with ponzu, thai chile and orange), Kanpachi Crudo (amber with poblano chile and Asian pears), Maguro Sashimi & Goat Cheese (creative restaurant) Similar menus. Bigeye tuna, honey creep apples and aged goat cheese); Chapter works; Grilled yakatori and sushi bar.

The 6,000-square-foot restaurant is designed by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture to design the entire Post Oak Place.

Hai Hospitality brands include Uchi, Uchiko, Uchiba and Loro.

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