Amazon sellers & # 39; bribes & # 39; offers money to leave great reviews on products

I thought your readers would be interested in the recent experience they bought on Amazon-and the $ 20 (£ 15.60) bribe seems to leave a great review of what I thought was a bad product.

I want to buy a wall stud finder selected £ 13.60 Homer – Mainly “Amazon's Choice ”, excellent reviews and positive feedback.

When it arrived, I saw it, felt it, it didn't work properly. Inside the package there was a note offering $ 20 Amazon voucher if you left a 5 star review.

Returned the item and left a 1-star review highlighting the paid tactics reviewed by the seller. Amazon did not publish it.

Resubmit review I took a screenshot but it didn't show up online either. What do you think about this exercise?

RH, By email

Reliability or other methods of online reviews have become a popular topic. Especially because reviews can create or break products, restaurants, or similar products.

Your letter shows the special length some companies will go through to give the impression that this is a 5-star product. Given the price and voucher offer, this item was actually sent for free. How is it commercially understood?

Amazon said your review wasn't posted because your review violated community guidelines. In other words, you mentioned that a "bribe" was offered. It is said that it uses a lot of technology and teams to prevent the company from doing this. Last year, we blocked more than 13 million attempts to leave "non-genuine" reviews, and we took action against 5 million merchant accounts who wanted to manipulate reviews. 99% of reviews claim to be genuine However, despite claiming to have taken action against this particular seller, when we looked earlier this week, the product was still available. The BuzzFeed News website, after reviewing the issue, now posts an article highlighting the bribe issue for a good review and citing some examples within a few hours.

Obviously, consumers have to deal with reviews in a much more skeptical manner. Amazon should stop filtering reviews. If you had your appearance, other buyers would have seen what this company based in Liuzhou, China did. Consumers can play their role, ignoring these bribes and leaving honest reviews.

Meanwhile, many think it's another reason to boycott Amazon and support high streets in the area.

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