Afghanistan-China mixed team beat Pakistan-China team by 6-wickets in friendly cricket match

Beijing-Afghanistan-Chinese mixed team, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China Sanskung in the third match of the fourth match, defeated the Pakistan-China mixed team with six wickets in the middle school grounds.
On sunday.

Deputy Minister of the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan, Mr. Musa Ari Phi was the main guest of the event. Asian Secretary of State Zhang Zhizhong and other officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China also attended the event.

The organizers included five players from Pakistan and Afghanistan, giving Chinese cricketers a lot of exposure to international matches from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Pakistan-China mixed team set out their first blow by setting 155 runs with seven turnstile losses at 20 overovers, and the Afghanistan-China mix chased the target with six turnstile losses with the opener Attak hammer in 17.3. Cracking 38 runs with three towering six and four boundaries.

The Afghanistan-China mixed team had downed three turnstiles early, so Avid Muhammad and Ishak George signed 63 running partnerships to reach their goal.

Abid scored 41 runs on 34 balls with 5 borders and 1 6, while Ishaq added 22 runs bounded by 2 6 and 2 borders. Lui Young Wang (04), Liang Chen (09), Sabir (12), and Muhammad (14) were other major contributors, unless they broke the six and two boundaries.

Therefore, the Afghanistan-China mixed team chased the loss goal of 6 turnstiles in 17.3 Overker and won the match with 4 turnstiles.

In Pakistan, Irfan Niazi was the most successful bowler with three overrun orders, five wickets in 21 matches, and Qi Wang getting 45 wickets in four overrun orders.

Earlier, Pakistan set a total of 155 runs that lost seven turnstiles after playing an allotted 20 overs. Fahad Munir and Irfan Niazi made 65 alliances with the fifth turnstile, including 36 with Fahad. Three towering six and one border, Irfan made 29 runs with four borders and one six.

The opening pair of Saim Ayub and Ziao Ran Chen opened innings in Pakistan, but Ziao Ran Chen went early for two runs. Saim Ayub was there with his great blow, smashing elegant shorts around the turnstile.

Saim played 39 runs and played a quick single. Saim hit seven boundaries and one six in his innings. Another number since Ziao Ran Chen. 3 Batman Weiji Ye also fell into only seven runs, including one boundary.

When Pakistan and China lost four turnstiles, Fahad Munir and Irfan Niazi controlled the overall trend and added some important executions to the team total.

Undefeated, Fahad beat all of the Afghanistan-China mixed team bowlers to the top and scored 36 points in 34 balls, including three towering six and one border.

A promising all-rounder scored 29 with Fahad Irfan Niazi spread 18 balls with four cracking boundaries and one huge six.

When the Irfan Niazi stood at the border, another all-rounder Waseem Khan shot and fired 20 fast shots bounded by four borders.

Waseem also witnessed the spectators witnessed in match 3 of Jinan Middle School.

The Afghanistan-China mixed team Zhuo Yue Chen took two turnstiles for 22 runs in three overrun orders, and the Chinese Rui Hou's right arm face took two turnstiles for 13 runs in three overrun orders. Naver de Ahmad won one turnstile in his four overspell, scored 33 runs in four overover spells and used one turnstile.

Sabir did not have a wicket and played 25 times, hitting two overballs. In the end, the top guests won awards to the players and souvenirs to the officials. Zhang Zhizhong also presented souvenirs to guests and other officials.

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