6 Japan Scholarship MEXT (Monbuka Gaku Show) winning tips

Have you ever dreamed of studying abroad? Think about it, you can travel during class at a legitimate school, see the world, adapt to something new, and meet new people. If you are studying Japanese, how do you become more fluent than talking to a local?

Surprisingly this is just a dream for many people. Sailing and studying abroad are expensive. Travel costs, nutrients, accommodation, transportation, education, and huge expenses are required. If there is no way, this is not something you can do spontaneously.


Fortunately, those interested in studying in Japan have a MEXT (Monbuka Gakusho) scholarship. We have everything to think about this Japanese language learning opportunity, from how to apply and how to apply to everything from prerequisites that must be met to fit the bill for free semester or more tutoring classes in Japan. Keep reading!

About MEXT (Monbuka Gakusho) Scholarship

For those who want to go to Japan but want to study abroad but have no way, this scholarship is an unimaginable opportunity. next (Monbuka Gaku Show) Scholarship means “education culture, sports, science and technology scholarship” or “Monbuka Gaku ShowIt is a scholarship distributed annually for international academia to enroll. At the university in Japan.

next (Monbuka Gaku ShowA) Scholarship is a student trade program for undergraduates who wish to study at Japanese universities. Regardless of the level of scholarship you apply for, there are two basic prerequisites for accreditation.

  • Proposed by Japanese Embassy or Director General
  • Get suggestions from Japanese universities that accept studying abroad.

You must send the form to your nearest Japanese government office through the application process. If you apply to various Japanese universities and are applying for a MEXT (Monbukagakusho) scholarship, you can achieve your second study.

Two progressively important regulations are that you must be from a country with a political relationship with Japan and have a legal study visa.

If you effectively meet all the requirements for MEXT (Monbuka Gaku Show) scholarship :

  • University undergraduate student monthly basis 120,000 yen
  • Japanese Language Intensive Course Faculty & Research Faculty 1 month 146,000 yen
  • Master's program Tuition fee 147,000 yen monthly
  • Doctor Doctor Program Tuition fee 148,000 yen monthly

In general, you will receive at least $ 1,000 per month to cover all your education costs to live, eat, and travel in Japan.

Tips for the next victory (Monbuka Gaku Showscholarship

Below is 6 Tips for the next victory (Monbuka Gaku Show) scholarship :

1. First screening

After presenting all your application archives, you should wait quietly until all reports are evaluated. It will take more than a month nearby. At this point they will distribute a number of numbers that have passed the principal at the end of mid-June. If the application report is considered complete, you will receive a slip with a serial number or application number.

It will distribute numbers, not names, so keep your slip safe. They will not reveal all upper classes exclusively or call on decisions. You should always be patient and keep checking the site. Even if you pass this screening, you can call the government office to get information about the procedure.

2. Preparation

If you pass the primary screening test, you must go to the government office once again. But this time, you need to submit a full research proposal to the government lab. Starting work as a result of the main screening, you can not spend a lot of time. Therefore, we recommend that you start ahead of schedule.

In addition, with a proposition, you must present a theoretical or summary of the tests performed in the undergraduate course. At that point, when you announce them, you will receive a passing card and tell you the date of the language assessment.

3. Language Evaluation

If you think you have taken the TOEFL test or have passed the NAT / JLPT test, you do not need to take it again. Not true. Because the language test of the embassy itself is required. For undergraduates in research, you do not need to pass the final exam, even if you need to use both English, like the Japanese exam. What they do is to independently score all the tests and consider the most noteworthy in the language test scores. With these lines, you do not need to emphasize your current Japanese language skills and focus on preparing for English.

4. Interview

This is the end of the language evaluation. The consulate will tell you the date of the interview, and it must be reliable. The meeting can be 4 or 5 people involved or more. Approach the customer by inquiries for about 45 – 60 minutes. Do not panic if you are considering what kind of inquiries they are raising for a long time. They do not make extreme inquiries. Some will be identified with your foundation, some will look at your interests, some are prepared, others are about your intentions.

Some tips for the interview:

  • Take a formal attitude: it is better to wear a formal dress for the interview.
  • Timely: Do not arrive at the government office 15 minutes late to figure out the traffic situation. It should be on time as possible.
  • Be smart: at the interview you will raise some of the inquiries identified by the form you completed. In this way, keep a large number of copies of the form so that you can master it and change the form before the meeting.

5. Letter of Acceptance

If there is a possibility of passing the screening test of the embassy, ​​a letter and a declaration will be provided to inform you that the screening has passed. In addition, they restore a copy of the form completed so far to the stamp of the government office. You should find it at any current event. LoA Letter of Acceptance from Japanese Teachers.

All reports must be filtered and sent to the educator by mail along with the letter of acceptance. You must state that you have passed the examination of the consulate and have to go to his university and take the test under his supervision. If he answers with emphasis, you need to ask for a letter of approval from the educator with the seal of the university.

Neighborhood Tips:

  • Looking at the university: After passing the screening, you will have to go to the best universities like Tokyo University or Kyoto University. When searching for and mailing teachers, you need to mail the teachers of this university or mail them to other universities. Teachers at the best universities are regularly occupied and hesitant to answer.
  • Survey through educators: You can visit the university site to find a teacher that suits your plot. Do not stress unless the educator has the same research enthusiasm as submitted in the proposal. If it's a comparison, it works.
  • Teacher Mailing: Always be exceptional and kind while mailing to all educators. This is valid for all educators around the world, but mandatory in Japan. In some cases it should be transliterated than you can actually think is legitimate.

6. Long wait

When you presented LoA And now, it's time to sit tight for about two months to officially know that you have received a scholarship. By the end of November and around December they will announce that they will receive a scholarship, and about a month later at that point, they will confirm college.

Congratulations on bringing about this current situation. You praised it for your insight as well as your understanding. Now you can plan your outing to a place known as the rising sun.

So they 6 Tips for the next victory (Monbuka Gaku Show) scholarship. See for yourself how effective they are to come along and get scholarships.

Learn more about MEXT Scholarships.


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