50 women, 28 men killed in name of honour in Sindh this year: police

At least 50 women were killed in other areas of Sindh this year by Karo-Kari, and 28 men were also killed by & # 39; honorable & # 39;

This information was quoted by Dali HQ Sindh Police Abdul Khalik Shaikh in his consultation on Caro-Kari: “Karo Cari / Honor Murder – Crime against Humanity; Reasons and challenges to stop the threats held by the Hind Human Rights Commission (SHRC) at local hotels.

The purpose of the event was to address the threat of honor killings when such an incident occurred recently across the state. A panel of federal and local lawmakers and civil society, judiciary and law enforcement agencies discussed this issue and proposed a solution to it.

DIG Shaikh said the Sind police are focused on preventing honor killings and have formed anti-honor crime cells in this regard. "We previously set up a database, trained over 2,000 officers, developed training manuals, and developed a separate manual on female violence."

The police recently added that police have formed a human rights desk and human rights cell in all districts, as well as building a network of sexual violence in collaboration with civil society.

Nafisa Shah, MNA of Pakistan People's Party and author of & # 39; Honour Unmasked & # 39 ;, said that dealing with the formal murder problem requires modernization and reform within the formal state and judicial system. "Occation [of honour killings] It does not exist outside the state, it is related to the courts, it is related to the law, and the criminal justice system is deeply involved… When the investigation system and the criminal justice system are weak, the concept of restorative justice is strong. ”

Nafisa could not ignore aspects of culture and customs when talking about honor killings, but the criminal justice system desperately needed reform and the so-called Muslims had a lot of influence on criminals. Judicial Procedure.

SHRC Chairman Majida Razvi talked about the suffering of women and girls in the provinces, especially the cruelty that was exerted on them in the name of honor. She had the view that the issue of honor killing was an urgent issue, which had to be dealt with in consultation with all stakeholders. She also stressed the lack of law enforcement in this regard.

Judge Shaiq Usmani, a former Supreme Justice of the Sind High Court, said that Karokari has a cultural aspect and means redeeming women and depriving independence.

“A different law is needed. To deal with this terrible crime individually, you need to create an anti-synonymous murder law. A separate commission or agency must be formed to deal with cases related to honor killings. ”

Anis Haroon, a former National Human Rights Commissioner, said the issue of honor killing is not a new issue. "Every day we are witnessing a wave of new honor killings," she said. Quoting SHRC's previous annual report, it revealed that 118 honor killings occurred between 2017 and 2018.

She added that several cases of Karo-Kari were not reported. "The judge and the police are both under pressure when dealing with a homicide case," she said.

Other speakers in this consultation included the Minister of Human Rights, Veerji Kohli, the Special Justice Department, Srt Ali Slam Jafri, Dr. Riza Ahmed Shiakh, Szabist Social Sciences Department, Mahnaz Rahman, Managing Director, Aurat Foundation, and Faizullah Korejo, Federal Investigative Authority. is.

The event was hosted by Zulfiqar Shah of the Institute of Labor Education in Pakistan.


Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/543414-50-women-28-men-killed-in-name-of-honour-in-sindh-this-year-police


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