2 new polio cases in Lakki Marwat, 1 in Harnai bring total to 76 this year – Pakistan

The Lakki Marwat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa reported two new cases of polio on Sunday and the Harnai district of Balochistan reported one, raising the country's total this year to 76.

The two victims of Lakki Marwat, a seven-year-old girl and a 21-month-old boy, are residents of Sarai Naurang Tehsil, according to a report published by the Emergency Operations Center.

According to the EOC, both affected children had not been given the polio vaccine.

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The presence of a polio virus in their systems was confirmed by a stool test. The total number of cases throughout the province is now 56.

The EOC report cited "rejections by parents" as the main reason for the magnitude of the resurgence of the virus witnessed this year.

The EOC coordinator, Abdul Basit, said that polio drops "are completely safe" and urged parents not to pay attention to "deceptive propaganda" aimed at discouraging the administration of the drops.

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He said that despite the challenges he faces, the government is determined to continue its fight for the complete eradication of polio.

For this, reaching each and every child is mandatory, Basit said. "And the cooperation of parents and all sectors of society is mandatory."

In Balochistan, the victim is an 11-month-old boy from Harnai district, who "developed a fever on September 25," according to a report from the province's EOC.

The boy was taken to a medical store in Shahrug Harnai, where he "received an I / M injection," the report said.

"As the child's condition did not improve, he was taken to another informal health care provider, where he was given medication," he added.

The report also said that on the morning of September 27, the boy "initially developed weakness in the left leg followed by the right leg" and was taken to Saeed Hospital in Kuchlak, Quetta, where he was given intravenous antibiotics.

"As the condition did not improve yet, he was taken to the Tariq Clinic in Kuchlak, Quetta, on October 2, where he was reported as a case of AFP (acute flaccid paralysis)," according to the EOC report.

The boy had been vaccinated once during a routine trip. However, the family was constantly moving between Ziarat and Harnai, the COE noted in its report.

The following is a division of cases throughout the province on October 20:

Total cases of polio in Pakistan (2019) = 76

(Cases confirmed WPV1):

  • In 2017 cases of polio n = 8
  • In 2018 cases of polio n = 12
  • In 2019 cases of polio n = 76

Case details in 2019

Balochistan (7)

  • Qila Abdullah District: 3
  • Jaffarabad District: 2
  • Harnai: 1
  • Quetta District: 1

Punjab (5)

  • Lahore District (city): 4
  • Jhelum District: 1

Sindh (8)

  • Hyderabad District: 2
  • Karachi: 4
  • Larkana District: 1
  • Jamshoro: 1

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (56)

  • Bannu District: 23
  • Charsadda District: 1
  • D.I.Khan District: 1
  • Hangu District: 2
  • Lakki Marwat District: 10
  • Shangla District: 1
  • Torghar District: 7
  • Bajaur District: 1
  • Khyber District: 1
  • North Waziristan District: 8
  • South Waziristan District: 1

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1511946/2-new-polio-cases-in-lakki-marwat-1-in-harnai-bring-total-to-76-this-year


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